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13-Year-Old Forced To Amputate His Leg After Getting Body Slammed By School Official

13-Year-Old Student Forced To Amputate His Leg After School Official Beats Him In Angry Rampage
The war on Black kids continues.

AFRICANGLOBE – A 13-year-old teenage boy was forced to have his leg amputated after a school employee slammed him to the floor multiple times and then failed to provide medical treatment.

According to his attorney, the boy left class for the main office to call his mother for a ride. “Behavioral specialist” Bryant Mosley stopped him and threw him to the ground three times to keep him from leaving. The violent confrontation occurred on the boy’s first day of school.

The boy later reported to school officials a numbness in his leg, and the school told him that they would call him an ambulance. They never did. Mosley carried the boy to the school bus and sent him home without notifying his family of possible injuries.

“They placed an injured student on the school bus,” said the boy’s attorney Renee Tucker. “We don’t know the extent that the injuries were worsened by the failure to render aid and certainly by picking him up and seating him on the school bus. Then they had him ride in that same school bus home without any support or stabilization of that leg.”

It was the first day of school for the 13-year-old.

Complications with the boy’s injury led to doctors informing the family that his leg would have to be amputated. The boy’s mother was forced to be absent from her job while carrying for son, and ultimately lost it.

Inside sources have reported that the school is in possession of a videotape of the confrontation, and the boy’s attorney has submitted an open records request to gain possession of the footage, in addition to 50 documents related to the incident. They plan to sue the school for $5 million.

The school’s district attorney did not comment on the case, but a spokeswoman for the school board said that their “thoughts and prayers” are with the boy and claimed to be conducting an investigation into the incident.

Mosley works for Mentoring and Behavioral Services, which claims to conduct “holistic behavior approaches” to student discipline. Mosley is no longer working with the school district, though it has not been confirmed at this time whether this was a result of his confrontation with the student.


By: Nathan Wellman

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