4 Peculiar Uses of Black Tea That You Didn’t Know About

4 Peculiar Uses of Black Tea That You Didn’t Know About

If you thought that black tea serves only as an instant source of energy, think again! Apart from the commonly known medicinal properties of teas, there are host of other peculiar usages that you probably didn’t know about. You knew that drinking tea bolsters your metabolism, improves your bowel system and prevents your teeth from turning mangy, but did you know that tea could help tackle diarrhoea in pets? Here is a rundown on odd yet effective uses of black tea.

No more stinky feet

When was the last time you REALLY cleaned your feet? A thorough scrub between the soles of your feet or a leisurely soak in hot water with soapy suds? Ever wondered why people crinkle up their nose every time you walk into the room or a hot date that ends all too soon. It might all be down to your rotten smelly feet. Put a stop to it, once and for all, with a tea bath. You don’t have to splurge bug bucks in getting a professional pedicure; simply soak your feet in a strongly brewed tea for 20 minutes daily and bid adieu to whiffy feet.

Heals poisonous ivy rash

The next time you find your skin being rampaged by angry red boils caused by poison ivy, try this: brew a strong black tea, soak a cotton ball in the solution, dab it gently on the rash, and let it dry naturally. Repeat as needed. The antioxidants present in the tea will sooth the inflammation and work down the boils.

Colouring agent

Did you know that tea makes for a potent colouring agent? From restoring colour to suede fabrics and decorating Easter eggs to adding shine to lacklustre hair, it is amazing how the colouring properties of tea can be used in everyday life.

You no longer have to torture your hair follicles with commercial hair dyes when natural tea dyes are available. Simply brew strong black tea, lean over the sink and rinse your hair with the solution. Allow the tea to remain in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes before washing your hair with lukewarm water. Repeat the process once every week for super glossy dark mane.

To decorate your Easter eggs, mix 4 tablespoons of dry tealeaves in one litre of water. For stronger colour, add a spoon of vinegar to the mixture. Now unleash your imagination, and use the mixture to colour or decorate the eggshells the way you want.

Cures diarrhea in pets

If your diarrhoea stricken dog has lately turned your home into a palace of poop and no amount of measures on your side has rendered any result, then here is a solution for you. The tannins present in tea act as an anti-inflammatory, helping treat disturbed digestive systems. Pour eight ounces of water in a kettle and bring it to a boiling point. Turn the burner down and place a tea bag in the water. Allow the tea to simmer for at least 15 minutes to bring out the maximum amount of tannins in the tea. Place the tea in the refrigerator to cool it down. Once cooled, put the tea out for your dog to drink.

The list of things that you can do with tea is endless; you just need to do a little research to know more about the ingenious usage of dry tealeaves.

A daily cup of piping hot tea will not just serve to boost your energy, bolster your metabolism or prevent your teeth from turning mangy, it serves a lot other purposes too such as curing diarrhea or dyeing hair. If you are looking for best quality loose-leaf black tea, then this is the site for you.

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