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5 Black Inventors You Should Know


AFRICANGLOBE – So many of the things that we take for granted, were invented by African Americans—everyday items and innovations, from the simple to the profound, that have permanently changed our lives.

Here are five Black inventors that have made the world a better place:


5 Black Inventors You Should Know
Dr. Patricia E. Bath

1. Dr. Patricia E. Bath (1942 – present)

Invention: Laserphaco Probe.

What it does: The laserphaco probe is medical device used in surgery to treat patients with cataracts.

Why it’s important: Dr. Bath’s invention has been used all over the world and is credited for giving people their sight back.







5 Black Inventors You Should Know
Lewis Latimer

2. Lewis Latimer (1848 – 1928)

Invention: Carbon filament for light bulb.

What it does: The invention helped make longer lasting light bulbs and was a cheaper method to making light bulbs.

Why it’s important: More people had access to electricity because of the cheaper and more efficient filament.







5 Black Inventors You Should Know
Garrett Morgan

3. Garrett Morgan (1877 – 1963)

Invention: Safety Hood/Traffic Signal

What it does: Safety hood would protect from smoke inhalation and toxic fumes . Morgan’s traffic signal had “stop” and “go” signs to help usher cars and prevented automobile accidents.

Why it’s important: The safety hood would later on be developed into modern day gas masks and the traffic signal gave way for traffic lights.






5 Black Inventors You Should Know
Dr. Marc Hannah

4. Dr. Marc Hannah (1956 – present)

Invention: 3-D Technology.

What it does: Hannah is the principle scientist who engineered the computer software that companies purchase so 3-D artists can create special effects.

Why it’s important: The equipment is not only used by film studios but is also purchased by engineering and medical research firms to create 3-D graphics in their designs.





5 Black Inventors You Should Know
Frederick McKinley Jones

5. Frederick McKinley Jones (1893 – 1961)

Invention: First person to invent a refrigeration system for trucks and railroad cars.

What it does: Keeps food transported long and short distance from spoiling.

Why it’s important: Fresh food!








By: Jasmine Kabera

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