5 Facts About Missionary Rapist Matthew Durham

3. Durham’s Lawyer, Who Defended Oklahoma Terrorist Timothy McVeigh, Says Durham Was The Victim Of ‘Psychological Voodoo’

Speaking to The Oklahoman, Durham’s lawyer, Stephen Jones said his client was the victim of “some sort of pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him.”

The added that Durham was subject to “false imprisonment” and was delayed from leaving the country. He added “I don’t think Hollywood could make up what happened at this so-called orphanage.” Jones said he’s investigating the area around where Durham was staying and that “It’s like some cult over there.”

4. The Charity’s Director Described Durham As ‘Wonderful Man Of God’

On the now deleted Facebook page of Upendo Kids, Menja described Durham as a “wonderful man of God.” The same user adds:

Matthew your love for these kids is really amazing and every time you go an extra mile for Upendo kiddos, it brings joy into my heart.

According to a profile on the website for Crossings Christian School, Melissa Durham is a fourth grade teacher there, the profile adds:

Mrs. Durham and her youngest son (Matthew) enjoyed an amazing mission trip to Kenya the summer of 2014!

Matthew Durham’s father, Kyle, works for the Oklahoma City Fire Department. Matthew Durham is youngest of three brothers, Joshua is the oldest and Zachary is the middle child.

5. He Spoke Publicly About His Experiences In Kenya

In September 2013, Durham was invited to speak at his local rotary club about his aid work in Kenya. The article about the speech has been deleted from the Edmond Rotary Club website.

The rotary club said in the article that they contributed $500 to Upendo’s projects. The club also said that Durham was part of a group 30 adults and teens who went to Kenya. It also stresses how much the kids in Kenya loved to play soccer.


By: Paul Farrell


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