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5 Things Your Mother Told You To Do — That You Should NOT Do!


5 Things Your Mother Told You To Do -- That You Should NOT Do!
Not every theory that is widely accepted is true

AFRICANGLOBE – We’ve all learned good lessons from our mothers. Things like saying please and thank you are good life lessons. But there are other things that mother might have taught us to do that really aren’t such good advice. What???

What your momma didn’t know….

Here are 5 lessons you might want to re-think:

#1 – Brush your teeth after every meal – this is not a bad lesson, just a misunderstood one. Dentists will agree that brushing after every meal is good, but they advise to wait at least 30 minutes. Why? Because many foods like citrus fruits are high in acidity and can actually soften the enamel. So, wait 30 minutes so you don’t damage your enamel.

#2 – Clean up your plate – unfortunately, most Americans eat way too much. They are addicted to large portions, and often eat the wrong foods. Cleaning up your plate is fine, if the food on it consists of smaller portions, and more fruits and vegetables. Most Americans eat about 500 more calories than they should, so cutting portions is a good way to control calories. Don’t load your plate and then force yourself to eat every morsel. Your mother will understand.

#3 – Sit up straight – good posture is a fine accomplishment. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always sit in a straight chair. In fact, this is not good for your lower back. Too much sitting can lead to heart disease. Reclining takes the pressure off the lower back. If you do a lot of computer work sitting upright, it is best to take breaks often, get up and stretch or walk around.

#4 – Don’t sit on public toilet seats – this is probably a good idea, but squatting is not the way to avoid public toilets. It can lead to urinary tract infections in women and cause incomplete evacuation. Use toilet liners, if available, or cover the seats with tissue.

#5 – Drink Water – yes, it is good to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Today’s modern mother may insist on giving their children bottled water, thinking it is better for them. Think again. Plastic bottles can absorb the chemicals in plastic. It is better to buy your own filters and use your own non-plastic water bottle.

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