5 Ways Black Belt Recruiting Can Explode Your Sponsoring

5 Ways Black Belt Recruiting Can Explode Your Sponsoring

I was not prepared for all the eye opening moments Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser provided me in their Black Belt Recruiting series. I came a way from this training with a whole new perspective on the proper way of offering my business to the people who contact me.

There are two things that must be invested into your business and those two things are your time, and your money. There is just no way out of this if you are serious. There are a whole host of ways to waste your time and money, but investing in you is never a waste of either. I can truthfully say that investing my money and my time Black Belt Recruiting was well worth both.

The importance of investing in me was really driven home when I was in a position to where I actually needed that investment to pay off.

When my list of people coming to me first started growing, I was so glad that I had made the choice to learn Attraction Marketing. It was through the leverage of a Funded Proposal system and killer training I was able to deliver a lot of value to the people on my list.

Now, I always make a place available for people to leave their number and I make sure that they can get in touch with me. Why? People can tell if you really care or if you are just trying to get a name and email.

As soon as I got things in place, my list started building and people wanted me to call. It was at this moment that I was so glad that I had invested in BBR.

I devoured the book and listened to the audios over and over. I don’t really know how many years of experience I gained by listening to their interviews and reviewing their book but I was able to be confident with my very first call.

Here are a few of the valuable lessons that I learned to apply:
1. How to be Invited.
A. Phone solicitors are always looked
at as Intruders.
B. An invited guest is ALWAYS welcome.

2. How to listen intently.
A. Everyone has a “Hot Button”
B. Only by paying attention can you
learn what those “Hot-Buttons” are.

3. How to NEVER Sell
A. By listening and knowing how to respond
and they will sell themselves.
B. It must be THEIR idea to buy!

4. How to make Yourself the Obvious Choice over Everyone Else
A. If you are the best choice and they know it,
you job becomes VERY easy.

5. How to respond to EVERY objection.
A. There is a short and easy answer to ALL objections
B. Your posture alone will kill most objections.

(It is hard to really say how valuable this section was and continues to be for me)

It is simply amazing the effect it had on me just listening to these guys talk, just the interaction alone is so contagious. You really get to experience what it sounds like to be completely confident in what you have to say, without ever sounding rude.

The internet has, over the past couple of years, been seeing more and more Millionaires spring up, largely because of combination of the teachings found in Magnetic Sponsoring and Black Belt Recruiting. These are the times in which it is imperative to have the information available to help the myriads of people seeking to secure their financial future.

I highly recommend this Dynamic Duo to be the foundation you lay for your understanding of internet marketing; it will save you a lot of time and give you a lot of wisdom before you spend any more money unnecessarily.

Black Belt Recruiting is absolutely VITAL to learning how to emit the “aura” of an Attractive Leader. Will this course show you how to sponsor your way to MLM Online Success ?