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5 Ways To Identify A Swirler


5 Ways To Identify A Swirler
Swirling has no benefit for Black people.

AFRICANGLOBE – Today, the swirling aka interracial relationship agenda is being heavily pushed by the corporate mainstream media whether it be in commercials, ads, TV shows, or movies.

Another thing about the swirling agenda is that it’s also being promoted and encouraged by a small sector of people in the Black community that I personally refer to as “swirlers” who say things that are not only counterproductive, but they are also against Black empowerment and Black families which in turn makes them enemies of the Black community. 

In my previous article I written called “Top 5 Reasons Why Swirling Is Toxic To The Black Community”, I voiced my strong opposition to this very toxic and destructive swirling agenda that’s deliberately being forced and shoved down our throats by the corporate mainstream media.

Here are top 5 ways that you can identify a swirler.

1. When They Say “Love Has No Color” – One of the most frequent things that swirlers often say on social media and YouTube is that “love has no color”. From my broader knowledge and perspective on things, when they say “love has no color” they are actually encouraging us as black people  to engage in a very counterproductive and destructive habit that many of us know is totally against the foundation of building black families, but also against black empowerment and black love. To me personally, love DOES have a color and it’s called Black Love which I’m a firm believer in because it’s revolutionary and there will never be any other love like black love.

2. When They Say “we’re all one race: the human race” – There are some swirlers on social media and YouTube who like to say that “we’re all one race”, but the truth of the matter is that’s a myth to me because caucasoid people evolved from cave people from The Caucasus Mountains and black people evolved from greatness during The Ancient Eras. Black people brought math, science, literature, art, culture, government, and spirituality to the world while caucasoid people brought war, violence, disease, famine, beastiality, incest, rape, genocide torture, and destruction to the world. These swirlers can miss me with that “we’re all one race” BS.

3. When They Verbally Attack Black Men On Social Media – I have personally seen numerous cases where some black women that are engaged in swirling who have openly and blatantly attack black men on social media and YouTube saying absolutely horrendous and disgusting things about black men because they tend to generalize all black men based on a few negative experiences by saying stuff like “all black men ain’t shit”, “they take us for granted”, or they’ll even say that we can’t find any good black men out there because “all of them are either dead or incarcerated”. I refuse to stand by and let these self-hating black women disrespect us black men because there are a lot of good strong black men like myself that are out here, but the self-hating black women look in the wrong places for love.

4. When They Verbally Attack Black Women On Social Media – There are some black men who have openly and verbally expressed their toxic disdain for black women on social and YouTube by saying horrendous things like “black women ain’t shit”, “strong black women are just too much for me”, or  “black women are so angry and ratchet all the time”. The reason why some Black men viciously attack black women the way they do is because of several factors

1) they have issues with their mother

2) they hate themselves

3) they listen to toxic corporate sponsored bastardized urban music that encourages them to say all sorts of negative things about Black women

4) they get their negative views from the negative stereotypical images of black women from the corporate mainstream media

5) they were never trained on how to properly respect Black women.

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Are you down with the swirl?

5. When They Say “All Lives Matter” – One of the easiest ways that you can identify a swirler is when they downplay the importance of black lives mattering by saying the popular counterproductive message of “all lives matter” which in turn greatly waters down the struggles that black people have gone through historically and today not just around the world, but also here in “The Belly Of The Beast” called America to achieve true freedom from colonial oppression.

The Conclusion – Through these top 5 ways I listed above in this article, identifying a swirler should instantly tell you that they’re an enemy to the Black community.


By: Kwame Shakir

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