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5 Things Women Take Notice Of In Men At First Sight


1. Do you smell good?

This is perhaps the most common noticeable element in a man – smell of a man. Of course, how do you smell is important to a woman, but you shouldn’t douse yourself in perfumes and deodorants incorrigible.

Women will notice a mild and pleasant smell coming from your body, but they will feel overwhelmed if you drain yourself entirely in those fragrances.

2. How do you score your hygiene levels?

You will come across many women who will notice your personal hygiene levels on many occasions especially on the first meet. Keep in mind that your nails won’t go unnoticed in the first meeting and neither will those ugly sweat patches. In addition to that, your feet too shouldn’t smell nasty because that too gets noticed.

You should maintain a healthy personal hygiene, not only since the bad physical traits will be noticed, but also since it will act too detrimental for your own self-image. So, make sure that your personal hygiene is never compromised.

3. Do you dress well?

It is impeccably important to dress well even for a man since it still is the most significant element that a woman notices in a man. If you think the kind of clothes you wear don’t matter,think again.

A lady would always fancy a gentleman who knows what to wear and how to wear. Always remember to pay attention to what colors and styles of clothes suit you, and dress accordingly. Your clothes will never go unnoticed.

4. Are you a confident being?

If not then you are in some trouble with the ladies. Out of all the elements, a woman is more likely to notice the confidence levels of a man than anything else, and your confidence will be seen in the way you walk, talk,express and so on. These are all things that a woman will notice in a man at the first sight. Learn to build your confidence as it will not get unnoticed ever.

5. How tall are you?

Regardless of how tall or short you are, any woman will definitely notice your height in her first glance. Women have different preferences when it comes to admiring heights of men, but it sure is a highly conspicuous element in a man. Make sure that you are comfortable with your own height and that you carry your height appropriately.

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