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9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Ted Nugent

AFRICANGLOBE – Lynching Black people has always been a grand spectacle in white society. Gone are the days when work, school and church were suspended so that the descendants of Thomas Jefferson could hang a Black man or woman from a tree. Today the methods might have changed but the practice has not.

Every now and then white America needs a good old media lynching in order to take the spotlight off of their own bad behavior and shine it on some unfortunate Black soul, whether justified or not. The current sexual misconduct media crusade against mostly Black celebrities both living and dead then comes as no surprise.

We are in no way condoning the bad behavior regarding any alleged sexual misconduct by Black celebrities, however we would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge the double standards by the white media when it comes to highlighting these alleged crimes. Since white America has always needed a Black hand to guide it, when it comes to applying justice and fairness in anything, we have decided to assist by highlighting these 9 celebrated and revered sexual predators in white society. This is, of course, just for fun, so if you get offended, that’s your problem. Buckle up!




The Criteria

We are judging history based upon CURRENT American culture. After all, that’s what Americans do.


Ted Nugent

Out of all the people I will list here, I will feel the least sorry about picking on Ted Nugent, since Ted Nugent recent went on a rant about “killing pedophiles.” It is ironic coming from a man who admitted on VH1’s “Behind the Music” that he was a “serial pedophile” and two of his relationships (one with his wife and one with “muse” Pele Massa, who was 17 when they started dating) were ended due to Ted’s infidelity while on the road, often with underage women. Courtney Love had even stated she gave Nugent oral s3x when she was 12 years old. I guess we know what he meant about young Pele being his “muse.” When Ted Nugent got “Cat Scratch Fever,” we can safely assume the cat wasn’t old enough to drive, much less drink.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Elvis “The Pelvis” Presley

As an aside, I wonder what his nickname would have been if his name was “Enos.” Elvis began dating Priscilla at age 14, and while they allegedly did not consummate the relationship until they were married seven years later, there are numerous (albeit conflicting) reports of his attraction to teenage girls. Some writers have referred to Elvis as a pedophile, and considering how the court of public opinion is never wrong, I have no choice but to add this “Hound Dog” to this list. Besides, if it was up to J. Edgar Hoover, Elvis would really have been doing the “Jail House Rock” in federal prison but never have left the building.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Bill Wyman Of The Rolling Stones

Lets spend the night together: Bill Wyman slept with 14 year old Mandy Smith when he was 48 years old (he later married her). If he was in America today, he’d be breaking stones instead of rolling them. England has had a lot of “Sympathy for the Devil” and the issue is hardly raised by anyone, though Mandy now advocates raising the Age of Consent to 18, since at 16 we don’t know what we’re doing.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Jerry Lee lewis

Great balls of fire! Jerry Lee Lewis’s music career was almost eradicated when he married
Myra Gale Brown, his 13-year-old first cousin. His career stalled for nearly a decade but he
asked “Would you take another chance on me,” this time as a country music singer, and had a respectable career thereafter.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Historical Figures

John Newton

John Newton

Look at this guy, he knows he’s guilty, that’s why he has his hands up. Before he became a
Reverend and wrote the definitive Christian hymn “Amazing Grace,” John Newton was a slave- trader who routinely raped slaves under his command. Some of those slaves were as young as 10 years old. Even after his conversion to Christianity and took the cloth, he continued to own slaves. Thankfully God and white society saves wretches like him.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson’s affair with slave girl Sally Hemmings still intrigues us over 200 years later. Depending on the account, Sally was described between being 14 and 17 years of age at the beginnings of the rapes. Adding a shred of credibility to the affair is a recent DNA test that concluded Jefferson likely fathered at least one of Hemmings’s children.

According To This Demented Author Thomas Jefferson Raping Sally Hemings Was A Love Story


Religious Figures

Saint Augustine (And His Mother, Saint Monica)

Saint Augustine (And His Mother, Saint Monica)

St. Augustine confesses in his “Confessions” that he was betrothed to a 10-year-old girl, which was set up by his own mother, St. Monica. This makes Monica guilty through conspiracy. Considering St. Augustine’s sexual history, I find it hard to believe he didn’t sleep with the 10-year-old girl at any point before he eventually became celibate. Keep in mind ancient law allowed betrothal (and intercourse) was legal in ancient times, they were all sinners in the eyes of our superior culture, so we must dig these two “saints” up and register them like Florida registers the dead.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


Muhammad, Founder Of Islam

Yes, we’ve heard it a million times, Muhammad, founder of Islam, was betrothed to a six-year-old girl, and consummated the relationship when she was nine-years-old. There’s a lengthy explanation and rebuttal already available online for those who care enough to read it. So, in all fairness, why stop with Muhammad?9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


The God Of Christianity

No man is above the law, and that includes the “Man Upstairs.” God is a voyeur, watching us when we’re naked or having sex. According to tradition, The Virgin Mary was between 12-14 when she conceived. Since the Age of Marriage was 13 in Jewish tradition, and Mary was “Betrothed” to Joseph, that would make a 12 year old conception more likely. Since Mary was a willing participant, she must also be registered. Joseph must be registered since he did not report this crime once it was discovered, and was compliant in the cover-up of the crime. Since God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same, then we have register all three as if they were one.9 Sexual Predators The White Media Wont Ever Talk About


By: Derek Logue


So there you have it. In light of the white media’s obsession and Black witch hunt mentality, this is only the tip of the iceberg. How far are they willing to go to target Black people?

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