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Abortion: The Number One Killer Of Black Americans


Abortion: The Number One Killer Of Black Americans
Abortion is the number one killer of Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE – If you care about Black Americans, there is no way you can overlook the number one killer of Blacks – abortion. Since Roe v. Wade, more unborn, innocent African Americans have been killed from abortion than the combined deaths from police brutality, crime, AIDS and Cancer combined. Where are our rallies, protests, marches and vigils for the innocent unborn African American children who cannot fight for themselves? And while it seems far too easy for our people to make excuses for killing unborn children by saying “that’s their business“, “that’s between the woman and God” or even “it’s the woman’s body so it’s her choice“, a closer look at these excuses (and others) shows human irresponsibility, denial and the devaluing of human life at it’s very worse. So let’s tackle some of these weak excuses to see just how weak they are.

In 2010 the Census report showed African Americans as 12.6% of the population, yet in 2009 the CDC reported African American women accounted for over 35% of all abortions. That’s over 1/3.

At the top of the list is the argument that it is a woman’s body so it is her right to choose. But is that really true? While the woman’s body is her own, the baby is NOT the woman’s body. The baby has his/her own body. If the genetic truth be known, the baby is only 50% of the woman and the other 50% is derived from the man. Yet immoral people have no problem taking away the man’s right and the right of the unborn child. Hypocritically, if the woman decides to keep the child, she can obligate the man. But if she decides to kill the child, the man becomes insignificant. Clearly this is not equal protection under the law and both the man and unborn child have less rights than the woman. This is clearly wrong, yet people quick to kill an unborn child are not concerned with fairness, equality or right and wrong. They are only concerned about themselves.

In 2009 a total of 286,623 born African Americans died in this country. But that same year there were 1.2 million abortions in this country. If 35% of those were African Americans, that means 420,000 African American unborn children were killed that year by abortion.

The argument that it is her body is also foolish and bogus because it implies she can and should be able to do whatever she wants with her body. But that’s not true either. She cannot commit suicide, even though it is her body. She cannot walk around the streets naked, even though it is her body. She cannot urinate in public, even though it’s her body. She cannot sell sex, even though it is her body. She cannot process and use cocaine, even though it is her body. She cannot burn down her house, even though it is her house. And the list goes on. So the fact that it is her body does not mean she can do what she wants with it. And remember, the baby is not her body.


The next weak excuse is for people to simply say “that’s between her and God“. But once you bring God into this, you need to be willing to read what God says about the value of life and who should or should not take it. Don’t bring God into the equation when it’s convenient then ignore what almost all faiths teach about the value of life. And while many people want to believe it’s between the woman and God, those same people are quick to complain if the woman has the child, get’s on welfare, Section 8, WIC and food stamps, leaving the citizen to pay taxes to foot the bill. All of a sudden it then becomes a community concern. But I would suggest that it is a community concern from the beginning because we are all connected and what one does impacts another.

There have been over 60 million abortions of unborn babies in this country since 1973. That’s over 20 million unborn African American children murdered in the womb.

How does a woman choosing to have an abortion (abort a child) affect us as a community? To begin with, it impacts her future relationships – relationships that might occur with my son or yours. Secondly, it impacts the woman psychologically in many cases, though this is often overlooked and seldom discussed anywhere. Her future family or the lack thereof affects our future community. Her actions impact the lives of those around her, including the children she may have and how they see relationships and the family unit. Her abortion affects statistics which in turn impact insurance costs and federal funding.

Another weak excuse for abortion is the argument that a woman who is a victim of rape or incest should not be forced to have the child. While I get the point, I have a question for you. What if the child of the rape or incest is now 6 months old? Should the mother kill the child? Remember the child is still the fruit of rape or incest. What should the mother do? Just 9 months earlier she could have arbitrarily ended that child’s life but now what? As I said, I see your point, but do you see mine? And just so you know, only a small percentage of pregnancies are the result of incest or rape. Therefore the argument about rape or incest does not even apply to over 90% of the pregnancies that result in abortion.

There are extenuating circumstances are exceptions to every rule. But this does not mean those exceptions should be used as if they are the rule nor the norm. In this country unborn African American children are aborted at almost 4 times the rate of Caucasians.

It takes an irresponsible person to make an unborn, innocent child pay with his/her life for a mistake that two willing sex partners made. Where is the morality in making someone else pay for what you did? Where is the maturity in failing to own up to your responsibilities – both the male and the female? Before my wife and I were married, we once thought she might have been pregnant. While it was a false alarm, I made it clear that I was not going anywhere, no matter what – no matter what. Our people need to be committed to each other and if you cannot stand up to maturely address the consequences of your actions, keep it zipped guys and keep your legs closed ladies, or at least take precautions.

If what I have given you in this article does not contain enough reasons to stop killing our children in the womb, what about the fact that the African American population does not need to decrease anymore than it has already? We need growth. Our numbers are being reduced by natural diseases, incarcerations, homosexuality, police brutality, crime, feminism counterfeiting itself as women’s rights, manufactured diseases and ethnic bio-weapons, to name a few. Our families are under attack and being redefined by deceptive means like Planned Parenthood that do not promote reproduction. And it is wise to note that Margaret Sanger was for population control more so than she was ever for women’s rights.

If Black Americans do not value Black life in the womb, nobody else will do it for us.

We need to have our children, raise our children and teach them to grow up as confident adults who can shape the future. As a people, we have to stop hating ourselves. We have to stop killing our unborn children. We need to be responsible instead of promiscuous. We need to be accountable and mature when our women get pregnant. We need real men to be fathers. We need our women to respect themselves and not to be so easy.

African Americans we need to stop making excuses and justifying what we know in our hearts is murder. The fact that people had to call a baby a fetus or label murder of an unborn child as abortion proves their conscience know what they were doing. Thus they named it something different to make it easier to stomach. We need more Black Americans and strong, unified families as the core of our communities, schools and churches. We need respect for ourselves, respect for our bodies, respect for life and discretion. We need conscience, morality and spirituality. Our people need to realize who they are and then act like they know it.


By: Trevo Craw


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