New Ad Pits African-Americans Against Immigrants

Hispanics are now America’s largest minority

A self-described “immigration reduction group” group debut a controversial new ad during Wednesday’s presidential debate that says politicians who support legal immigration believe “Black Americans don’t want to work.”

“I’m tired of the stereotype that Black Americans don’t want to work,” an African-American man says in the ad. “I’ve worked hard my whole life but I got laid off and I’ve got mouths to feed. I need a job. What I don’t understand is why our leaders are going to admit another million immigrant workers next year to take jobs when 3 million Black Americans can’t find work. I mean, do our leaders really believe that Black Americans don’t want to work? Let’s slow down mass immigration and save jobs for Americans — all Americans.”

The group behind the ad, NumbersUSA, opposes most new immigration to the United States, and wants to dramatically decrease the level of legal immigration to the country. It plans to debut the controversial ad on MSNBC, a left-leaning network with a higher proportion of African-American viewers than the other networks, and run it again the next morning on “Morning Joe,” according to a spokeswoman.

The organization has been labeled a “Nativist lobby” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-leaning civil-rights organization that monitors White supremacist and nativist groups.