A&E’s KKK Documentary Accused Of ‘Normalising White Supremacy’

A&E's KKK Documentary Accused Of 'Normalising White Supremacy'
We are entering one of the most dangerous period for Black people in American history.

AFRICANGLOBE – The cable network, on a buying spree of serious-minded documentary fare of late, has embedded cameras with the KKK over the previous year in an effort to facilitate a dialogue between a handful of leaders in the hate group and members of their family who want to out.

Cable and satellite network A&E has given an eight-episode order to the show, which embedded cameras with the KKK over the past year in an alleged attempt to facilitate a discussion between leaders in the group and members of their family who want to get out.

The Anti-Defamation League describes the KKK as “a racist, anti-Semitic movement with a commitment to extreme violence to achieve its goals of racial segregation and white supremacy”.

The documentary comes at a time when political tensions are high, to say the least.

Still, racial divides continued as a recurring theme in a brutal election.

The hourlong show follows four prominent Klan families who each have a member trying to escape the world of white supremacists. Notably, former Klan leader David Duke has openly touted Trump as a friend to the cause of white nationalism.

A&E, most famous in recent years for Duck Dynasty, has been making a concerted push into more hard-hitting documentary fare of late.

Author Olivia Cole warned that giving “cute names” such as “alt-right” and “Generation KKK” legitimised their views, and suggested that it was this alleged normalisation of such views that led to figures like Dylann Roof. Their offering goes by the title Generation KKK.

In an effort to shine a light on mounting racism in America, the series also includes members of One People’s Project – an anti-hate activism group that uses reformed hate group members to speak with the Klan families about changing their ways.


By: Dante Lobos