Home Headlines African American Engineer, Teritius Fortune, Seeks to Make History in Auto Industry

African American Engineer, Teritius Fortune, Seeks to Make History in Auto Industry

African American Engineer, Teritius Fortune, Seeks to Make History in Auto Industry

AFRICANGLOBE – Recently, many have found success by using the newest online fundraising tool, Kickstarter. Teritius Fortune is also looking to Kickstarter to strike gold, and make history at the same time by launching his own car company.

Meet FortuneSport, the brainchild of Fortune, a former soldier. Fortune, who earned a degree in automotive engineering, and his team of engineers and racing professionals have taken on the challenge of building a world class sports car. And with the help of the public, he hopes to raise the $600,000 needed to make his dream a reality.

A Little About FortuneSport

FortuneSport was created in June 1995 by Teritius Fortune, a young soldier stationed in Germany.  The company matured and focused on lightweight sports cars in response to the ever more massive offerings developed over the last decade.

Our first prototype, Arianne, was completed in 2003. The vehicle was a concept to gauge proportions and determine the practicality of advanced composite construction techniques in production of FortuneSport vehicles. These lessons were used in all subsequent vehicle designs.

After leaving the military, Teritius earned a degree in automotive engineering, then went to work for Elan Technologies, a member of the Panoz Group. He later worked as an engineer for BBS, a global wheel company, when a slowing economy forced layoffs. Because the original Rt.S prototype was almost complete and there was a strong network of financial backers, suppliers, and distributors in place, the time was right to establish the company as a full-time business. A deal was made to launch the vehicle at BBS’ headquarters during the 10-hour/1,000 mile race, Petit Le Mans. A little over a month before the launch was scheduled, the stock market crashed and financing evaporated.

We were featured on the July 24, 2008, episode of Fast Lane Daily. We’re not sure where the Will Smith plug originated, but that was inaccurate.

In November 2010, FortuneSport again prepared to launch the concept to the world and begin taking orders for customer vehicles.  En route to the paint shop, the vehicle was involved in an accident that ruined the front end of the car. Responding to the feedback we received, we decided to move forward with a ground-up redesign of the concept.

FortuneSport will complete the new prototype by 31 March 2014 at which time we will move to the next phase of marketing.

LET’S BE CLEAR: FortuneSport has several vehicles above and below the $95,000 price point of the Rt.S. $600,000 is only to complete the tooling and intermediate development of the prototype. It is NOT intended to finance the entire crash-testing process.

Who Is The Team?

FortuneSport is comprised of a network of engineers and racing professionals who have undertaken the challenge of building a world class sports car. Together, they encompass over 95 years of motorsports experience.

Teritius Fortune :: Technical Director – with experience in vehicle construction, motorsports, and project management, Teritius is the team leader. He also determines the company’s direction and has the final say in vehicle specifications.

Todd Lamb :: Lead Development Driver – A graduate of General Motors Institute, Todd has been a racer since age 10. He won the junior track championship in the junior karting division in 1985 before going on to larger accomplishments. Currently involved in the Grand-Am’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, SCCA Pro’s Pirelli World Challenge series, and Canadian Touring Car, his experience to the team is invaluable.

Gary Bellamy :: composites technician – working in composites since 1986, Gary’s career has spanned Lola Cars International, Elan Technologies, and with the now defunct USF1 team. He will be a critical part of the composites program from mold making to choosing composite materials.

Nazim Rashid :: Development driver/Bag Man – Nazim is FortuneSport’s “go-to” man when it comes to all things business and IT. When not consulting in IT, he also serves as a development driver. He has 10 years experience in motorsports.

Talif Thomas :: mechatronics technician – Talif’s experience reaches back two decades in the fields of mechanics, controls, and electrical. He is credited with updating the prototype’s electrical system as well as integrating the control circuits for the traction control and antilock brake systems.

Thackery Harris :: Development driver – “Thack” has over 20 years driving experience on tracks such as Barber Motorsports Park, Talladega Gran Prix Raceway (Little Talladega), and Road Atlanta plus Deal’s Gap, TN.

Other resources and personnel are contracted when necessary. This includes aerodynamicists, other racing drivers, mechanics, etc.


Click here to find out more about the FortuneSport and the Kickstarter program.

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