African-American Murder Rate in Missouri Highest in Nation

Murder rates for black people living in Missouri is the highest in the nation.

The Violence Policy Center released new FBI data, based on 2009 figures, Wednesday.

It shows the black murder rate in Missouri is 34 per 100,000 black residents.
The Center says that’s seven times the national average.

The study summary states:

For Missouri, the study found that in 2009:

    There were 239 black homicide victims, resulting in a homicide rate of 34.72 per 100,000. Of these, 206 were male and 33 were female.

    For homicides in which the weapon used could be identified, 87 percent of black victims (200 out of 229) were killed with guns. Of these, 65 percent (129 victims) were known to be killed with handguns. There were 63 victims killed with firearms where the type of gun was not stated. There were 12 victims killed with knives or other cutting instruments, five victims killed by bodily force, and eight victims killed by a blunt object.

    For homicides involving black victims for which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 76 percent of black victims (63 out of 83) were murdered by someone they knew. Twenty victims were killed by strangers.

    For homicides involving black victims for which the circumstances could be identified, 64 percent (59 out of 92) were not related to the commission of any other felony. Of these, 80 percent (47 homicides) involved arguments between the victim and the offender.

This is the second year that Missouri leads that nation in the study.