African American Senior Citizens On The Rise!

African American Senior Citizens On The Rise!

Recently I was searching around online for different women’s sites, and I just happened to find one I think you really might enjoy. These website are for African American women over the age of 50, of course society calls these women baby boomers, which usually means they were born between 1946 and 1964. Obviously these sites don’t bar the age limit and anyone can visit the site but it is especially for African American baby boomers. I just found the site to be really inspiring, humorous and incredibly addicting.

Lets face it, women in general have overcome an incredible amount of adversity over the years, we are no longer just housewives, we have jobs, businesses, careers, we own houses, automobiles, and finally our lives! I’m sure you understand the big change that has come in over the world in the last twenty even thirty years. There is something to be said about being a strong black woman these days, isn’t there? Especially a strong black woman that is at her prime!

Well, that’s what these website are all about! In fact, these women have a little motto I really liked a lot; Life Begins At Fifty! Ain’t that the truth? Besides these sites having really nice company to talk with, they also have other things you might be interested in such as videos, news stories, articles, budget tips, entertainment, travel and vacationing tips, and there is also a “Ask Nana” blog which allows you to ask Nana questions you might have about life, love, and much more. These really are the “go to” site if your searching around for other “Golden Girls” just like you! I also really enjoy these sites because its all about laughter, joy, happiness and even thinking positive when life gets a little bumpy; these are all important attributes to have and keep in your life, aren’t they!?!

If you would like to visit these sites, it’s just a click away! Join up with them today and see what all the fuss is about! I’m almost positive you will feel right at home. These ladies are nothing short of terrific, so if you are searching around for a site like this or you want to check it out, I’m sure they will be glad to have you, after all us women have to stick together! Have fun! I know I did!

This author is a HUGE fan of Black Baby Boomers!