African History Month Concept (AHMC)

African History Month Concept (AHMC)
Africa once ruled the world and will do so again

AFRICANGLOBE – One of the purposes of the African History Month Concept (AHMC) is to raise the level of consciousness of the Africans on the motherland and the Diaspora victims of the “misconceptions and distortions” of African history that is portrayed in present day world history. There are those who are included as victims of the Diaspora, who are often overlooked, such as, Afro-Europeans, Afro-Turks, Afro-Iraqis, Afro-Asians and other African descendants, whom have migrated and settled around the world. All of the above-mentioned  communities will be referred to, collectively, as African Global Communities.

Our purpose is to teach the undistorted history and socioeconomic events from an African perspective. It also encourages and promotes existing celebrations to be an integral part of African history, as proposed in the AHMC. Every day, month, and year will be available to decipher and correct history and socio economics issues that are misleading. This will be beneficial for the African global communities to relearn their history along with addressing socioeconomic issues from their own point of view.

World history, as it presently exists, was written from a Euro centric perspective. Its purpose is to maintain dominance and control of the global African communities through hidden and distorted histories placed on the victims of the Diaspora. Their true African culture has been replaced with a mental conditioning designed to enhance the slave master dominance, at the slave’s expense. This is still manifested in the Diaspora’s cultures, where the young are taught to speak Portuguese, Spanish, French or English as their “native” tongue. In addition, they are taught to worship the Catholic or Protestant religions. Most profoundly, they have no connection to African culture. Africans on the motherland were also victimized by this form of colonialism in addition to other different forms of oppression.

Unfortunately, millions of people within the African global communities have drunk poison from these distorted wells of misconception and deceit. The AHMC has four antidotes, and each addressing a separate issue. Its purpose it to educate its constituents about falsehoods that some accept as fact. This alone will raise the level of consciousness for some constituents.

It is important African global communities learn and understand their history from their own perspective, beginning with the origin of mankind, ancient, medieval, and contemporary histories along with slavery and colonialism. It is essential, the youth, teenagers and adults together with the senior citizens should know how the PAST has affected their present-day living environment. The African communities should also have a thorough knowledge of how the Arab invasion has shaped North Africa and how the European conquests have changed the geography of the world.

The first antidote is to address allegations that Africans have no history or have not made any contributions to humanity.  Noteworthy, mankind had is beginning in the Rift Valley in East Africa, which produced the oldest human fossils Dinkenesh (known to the world as Lucy), and also, a generation of archeological findings done by the Leakey family. Notably, these finds were in the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia and Kenya. Furthermore, Africa is the home of over 300 kingdoms, civilizations and empires, some lasting millenniums and others only a few centuries.

One thing is certain, is  Africa, and its people have made significant contributions to mankind. Especially, when you consider their contributions of farming, the domestication of animals and organized fishing.

The second is there are several factors that have to be considered when it comes to what constitutes the Arab population of northern Africa. The commercial interchange, down through the centuries, between the Moors of North Africa and the southern Europeans (Spain, Portugal, Crete and coastal Italy) has created a Semitic population that freely flowed, in both directions, from southern Europe to North Africa. The Semites that were based on the continent of Africa directly south of the Mediterranean Sea (North Africa) were called Arabs. The Semites that lived in Europe were called Europeans. This gave an appearance of two Africa’s One “sub-Sahara” Africa and the other called the Middle East (North Africa). This presupposes that North Africa is a separate continent. There is only one African continent.

Also noteworthy, is the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Portugal and Spain) by the Moors in 711, who ruled until 1492 during the time of Europe’s Dark and Middle Ages. During that period, Spain instituted their long protracted military engagements, and eventually defeated the Moors in 1492. The Moors were not accompanied by their women, therefore their prolong stay in the area and having families with the indigenous female population, of the area, resulted in the creation of a mixed culture in Portugal and Spain.

This is in addition to the Arab invasion in 652, followed by their Trans Sahara slave trade that started earlier and lasted longer and enslaved more than twice as many Africans than the European Atlantic slave trade ever did.

The third is Columbus’s so-called discovery of the “New World” in 1492, which led to the European conquest of North America. This was followed by the European conquest of South America and Australia. The world is living these legacies. Obviously, Europe was, and still is, the winner at the expense of the peoples of color. The conquest of these three continents marked the first time in history where the conquerors of a land supplanted the indigenous population and corresponding culture in such a large scale. Another historic milestone was reached with the mass importation of African slaves to work the sugar, cotton and tobacco plantations as a source of free labor in the Americas. The economic system in the “New World” was designed to enrich European culture at the expense of their victims.

From the very beginning of slavery, the abolishment of slavery until the industrial revolution, it did not matter whether the former slaves were free or not, their contributions, which are many, were NOT recognized in Columbus’s New World, but the credit was given to the  European conquerors. This is evident in today’s cultures.

During the seventeenth century, color was used for the first time in history to identify culture.  WHITE was associated with GOODNESS, and BLACK was defined as being BAD. This notion is still popular in Euro-centric communities.

Profoundly, there are attempts to make African-Americans believe that they participated and are responsible for their own enslavement. This simply, is not true. Merely, judging by the treatment received by the Africans, as slaves in the western hemisphere, is evidence enough. For example, the Africans of the Diaspora were a large contributor in the development of America and the industrial revolution but they were not given recognition for their contributions. Nevertheless, immigrants from Europe were welcome to participate and profit from the development of America and the presumption that Africans-Americans had the same opportunities, is simply false.  European- Americans are still benefiting from the economic policies that were established in the Americas during slavery until the present time.

The fourth final antidote is colonialism, which was solidified in the 1884-1885, Berlin Conference. This was a gentleman’s agreement between Imperialist powers to partition Africa. Raw resources were essential for the growth of Europe’s industrial complexes. Consequently, Africa was partitioned into over 50 countries, and still has a lingering effect. The New World slave master removed their slaves’ indigenous culture and replaced it with their own. African culture and history was not taught. Instead, history that was portrayed to the African communities, in educational forums, featured Admiral Nelson, Queen Victoria, in England or Napoleon Bonaparte in France, or the Vikings in Norway,

Economically, the raw resources from Africa were shipped abroad for processing. This developed manufacturing, distributing, marketing and industrial complexes in European cities and enriching their countries. Again, European countries, cities and its people are benefiting from their victim’s wealth. Consequently, Europe has gained prominent wealth and status. On the other hand, Africa is underdeveloped and underpopulated as the results of slavery and colonialism. In addition, Africa is not receiving the benefits of its raw resources, in the fair market exchange for the sales of its resources or the benefits received from the finished goods produced.

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