Alleged Sex Attack Victim, Strikes Back: Strauss-Kahn Smiled Too Soon

Arrogant and pompous Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the alleged sexual attacker of Nassifatou Diallo, has been living the good life, going to fancy restaurants and attending musical concerts, wanting the whole world to see that he didn’t have a care in the world.

He started smiling a bit too early. Now that Diallo has publicly spoken, is Strauss-Kahn still smiling? For several weeks Strauss-Kahn’s operatives had been trashing the alleged sex attack victim in the media, especially through Rupert Murdoch’s ragsheet the New York Post.

But this week, in an interview with Newsweek and ABC Television, Diallo reiterated her allegations that she was sexually attacked by Strauss-Kahn, who dragged her into the hotel room bathroom and forced his penis into her mouth.

In the weeks following the indictment of Strauss-Kahn, the New York County District Attorney in Manhattan, Cyrus Vance Jr., succumbing to pressure from the wealthy, connected and worldly supporters of Strauss-Kahn, began to look for ways to toss the case. He told The New York Times that Diallo was tape recorded telling an inmate in a phone conversation the day after the alleged attack that she could make money from the case since Strauss-Kahn was wealthy.

Yesterday, after listening to the tape recording, Diallo’s lawyer, Kenneth Thompson, said the alleged victim made no such statement and that the conversation had been mis-translated. Thompson said it was in fact the inmate who brought up the issue of Strauss-Kahn’s wealth and that his client said she didn’t want to discuss the issue and that her lawyer would handle the case.

If the government can use people in the Mafia to testify and to gain convictions why shouldn’t Diallo be allowed to have her day in Court? Why should DA Vance Jr. and Strauss-Kahn and his team, which includes Murdoch’s New York Post become the jurors and decide the case? The Post, in a “story” possibly concocted and fed by Strauss-Kahn’s operatives claimed Diallo was a “hooker.”

A sexual act occurred in the Sofitel hotel. Strauss-Kahn’s semen was recovered at the scene. Diallo had never met Strauss-Kahn. Diallo says she’s not a prostitute and Strauss-Kahn’s hasn’t claimed he paid for prostitution. Strauss-Kahn is clearly no Adonis and it’s unlikely that Diallo took one look at his naked body and became weak-kneed.

Let the case go to trial and allow a jury to decide DA Vance.