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American Couple Forced ‘Nigerian Slave’ To Eat Scraps & Sleep On Floor


AFRICANGLOBE – A Texas couple has been accused of holding their Nigerian nanny against her will for over two years.

Chudy Nsobundu, 56, and his wife, 50-year-old Sandra Nsobundu allegedly never paid the nanny the $100 monthly salary they agreed upon before bringing her over to the United States. Instead, the nanny was allegedly forced to work from 5:30am until 1am while she was forced to do all the cooking, cleaning and childcare for the couple’s five children.

The nanny, who was living in Lagos, Nigeria, started living with the Nsobundus in September 2013, according to the criminal complaint.

The unidentified 38-year-old was forced to sleep on the floor and was only allowed to eat whatever food was left over from previous meals. She had to strain milk from the children’s cereal bowls if she wanted any. She was not allowed to communicate with the family, use warm water to bathe or watch television.

The nanny was rescued in October after a tip was submitted to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

The couple now faces charges of forced labor, withholding documents, conspiracy to harbor an illegal alien and visa fraud, according to the US Department of Justice.

The Nsobundus each face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Ruben Perez, one of the federal prosecutors handling the case, said cases in which immigrants and others are forced to work in homes in harsh conditions as nannies or caretakers are more common than people think.

“We know they are out there. When it comes to our attention we’ll act on them,” he said.

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