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Voting for Black politicians just because they are Black is a fallacy.

AFRICANGLOBE – In order to win a political election, you have to have a sound political plan.

The candidates that you love were all wonderful people who could have been pretty good public servants but they were campaign dunces!

A “dunce” is a person considered incapable of learning.

When you run for political office, you have to run hard! You have to go hard in the political paint, so to speak!

An army of political black sheep led by a Black Panther can easily defeat an army of political wolves led by lamb!

Also, even if candidates do what they believe they should do, if they take the necessary political actions at terribly wrong times they will suffer a political loss.

All of us have a role to play in insuring political progress and political victories.

If one candidate will do everything they can, good or bad, to win and the opposing candidate hires his friends, his classmates, his coworkers and an assortment of political idol worshipers, victory will be tough.

The strategy and idea that Black candidates should only get help from people blessed by campaign contributors, only get help from out of state and out of town carpetbaggers and only hire people that desire to be political parrots, puppets or rubber stamps is a strategy and idea that will rarely work.

I told you long ago that political campaigns are political battle grounds. When you decide to step into a political ring and fight you have to use every political weapon at your disposal.

In the 2018 election, Republicans won in early voting, they won in absentee voting and they apparently matched Democrats in election day voting . It rained in Georgia and Florida and everybody doesn’t want to stand in line in the rain, especially voters that recently had their hair “did”!

Black voters went to the polls in 2018 thinking they were voting for a political “Floyd Mayweather” and ended up voting for “Bobo Brazil”, no disrespect for Bobo but Brazil was a wrestler and not a real fighter

You have to have political soldiers that are not afraid to take the hills in ghettos and barrios, you have to have fighters that are not afraid to push back against racism, bigotry, nationalism and racial supremacy, you have to have a communications unit that can create memorable and meaningful political messages and you have to have soldiers that will do battle for you in enemy territories like the rural parts of your state!

In the 2018 elections, Black candidates and Black voters were thoroughly “Boo’d Up”! Not like Ella Mae, the singer, they were boo’d up like movie goers on Halloween Night!

Black candidates were afraid to control their own campaigns, afraid to hire the most professional and experienced Black political operatives, hesitant to fully utilize Black owned media outlets, discouraged from having a diverse campaign team that reflected the diversity in the state and the community and their fear of making, new, timely and appropriate political decisions assisted in their election demise!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it’s true. If you want to be a Governor for all of the people, you have to love all of the people, you have to work with a wide variety of people and you will inevitably have to listen to a wide collection of political voices.

If it were not for teenagers, college students and other youthful voters, losses by the candidates you loved would have been far worse than they were. If it were not from the NPOs, non-political grass roots organizations like women’s groups and Black Lives Matter, final vote counts would have been very different.

If Black candidates and Democrats Blacks love don’t change their ways, election of viable statewide and nationwide candidates will be a continuation of an idea that is always pursued but never attained!

I really think Gillum and Abrams should hold their heads up and continue to be politically bold.

I remember when Maynard Jackson ran statewide in Georgia against Herman Talmadge. He lost the US Senate race but went on to become a Mayor of a deep Southern city and a major political force in Atlanta and in the United States.

Andrew and Stacey can do the same thing Maynard did but they must do it differently. They must utilize true Black community politicos that know political timing, that know how to maximize all messages and media and brothers and sisters that are not afraid to go to war with them to fight the current scourge of Confederate flag and Nazi flag waving political vampires that enjoy taking money and benefits from the poor and giving that money to the wicked and rich!

Stacey and Andrew have to recognize political wolves in their campaigns that are dressed in sheep’s clothing.

And, they have to understand that the only block vote is the Black vote and white Democrats oftentimes vote for Republican candidates.

If all Democrats voted for Democrats, Republican candidates couldn’t win a rat race! There are more citizens that want unity than there are citizens that want hate, division and discord!

I’ve tried to tell my people the truth. The political truth may be astringent but the truth can also set you free.

I’ve tried to be a good soldier. I hope you remember me when I’m gone!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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