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‘Apprentice’ Producer: ‘Far Worse’ Tapes Of Trump Will Be Released


AFRICANGLOBE – A former producer of the reality series “The Apprentice” tweeted on Saturday night that the leaked audio of Trump’s offensive 2005 comments, which now threaten to completely derail his presidential campaign, were “just the beginning.”


While Pruitt did not elaborate further, he is not the only one to suggest that more damaging leaks may be on the horizon for the Republican presidential candidate. Fox News’ Ed Henry said that top Trump adviser Ben Carson told him that the campaign fears that more “bombshells” are on the way.


The leaked audio featured Trump talking about wanting to “f*ck” a married woman, while also saying that because he was a celebrity, he was entitled to just “grab them (women) by the p*ssy” without obtaining consent.

Trump issued a late night apology, saying “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” But the public outrage has not abated. The hashtag #notokay has since started trending, with thousands of fed up women sharing personal stories of sexual assault in response to Trump’s predatory comments.


By: Nathan Wellman 


Trump Caught On Tape Making Derogatory Remarks About Women

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