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Attempted Firebombing At Emanuel Cleaver’s Office


Attempted Firebombing At Emanuel Cleaver's Office
Emanuel Cleaver

AFRICANGLOBE – A Molotov cocktail-like device was thrown through the window of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s district office in Kansas City, Missouri, early Thursday morning, lawmakers and police said.

Kansas City police were dispatched to Cleaver’s office shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday to find two broken bottles with paper towels sticking out of their necks underneath a broken window, police spokeswoman Sgt. Kari Thompson said in an e-mail. Officers also observed an odor smelling like lighter fluid, she said.

The Democrat’s chief of staff, John Jones, said it was the second such incident in the past six years, and no staffers were in the building at the time.

“Today, our thoughts should not dwell on a small incident that hurt no one and caused very minor property damage,” Cleaver said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those killed on Sept. 11, 2001, and all those who suffered in its aftermath.”

Cleaver is currently in Washington, and all of his offices are open for regular business, Jones said.

“The Congressional Black Caucus strongly condemns this type of vandalism targeted at Congressman Cleaver, and denounces any act of violence towards members of Congress,” Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said in a statement. “This type of abhorrent behavior is the most ineffective means of voicing discontent or disagreement.”

Cleaver is a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The U.S. Capitol Police is working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident, said Shennell Antrobus, a spokesman for Capitol Police. No arrests have been made, Thompson said.


By: Seung Min Kim


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