Amidst a Bad Economy, More U.S. Families Are Turning To Low Income Housing

Late last year, the National Low Income Housing Authority launched their web site ( as a free online tool to help people better understand and locate low income housing. With over 50,000 properties listed across the country, the organization is reporting that their web site traffic has drastically increased with tens of thousands of people logging on each month to look for a home.

They believe that such numbers reflect how much local city and county governments are helping their residents. Dante Lee, founder of the organization, comments, “I think that people simply don’t know what to do when they have to resort to low income housing, so they are searching online for answers. Local governments are not really educating people about their options, but our extensive directory shows people all the low income housing units in their area.”

The web site is an easy-to-use free online tool that offers valuable information, resources, and tips on how to find and apply for low income housing programs, affordable housing programs, and other similar government assistance programs.

Those who are going through a financial crisis can use the site to find an affordable place to live, to be informed about what their options are, and to be encouraged that there is help available. In addition, the site can be used as a resource on how to best deal with evictions, foreclosures, and bad credit. Visitors will also learn how to receive child support payments from a non-custodial parent, how to qualify for college funding and scholarships, and how to obtain affordable health insurance coverage.