Alleged Baton Rouge Shooter, Is An Ex-Marine

Alleged Baton Rouge Shooter, Is An Ex-Marine
Gavin Eugene Long.

AFRICANGLOBE – Days before he was gunned down in Baton Rouge by an ex-Marine, veteran police officer Montrell Jackson shared his emotional fatigue at serving in a city he feared was falling out of love with law enforcement.

This is the second serious shooting incident that killed police officers in the country in less than two weeks after a gunman allegedly killed five police officers and hurt seven others in Dallas, a city in the northern part of the USA state of Texas.

The war between the police and the public is growing at an unnerving rate, and the question of who is the victim is quickly becoming blurred.

“We believe while this individual was in the city he was looking for locations to specifically target police officers”.

“That shot our SWAT team made was a helluva shot”, Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie said Monday of police fire that ended a deadly rampage by a gunman targeting police officers.

Using the pseudonym “Cosmo Setepenra”, Gavin Eugene Long, 29, comented in a series of videos, photographs and online writings at injustices against Black people. He said he receives “nasty looks” when he is in uniform.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, police said that the alleged gunman Gavin Long walked past several civilians before shooting at police.

Two of the slain officers were from the Baton Rouge Police Department: 32-year-old Montrell Jackson, who had been on the force for a decade, and 41-year-old Matthew Gerald, who had been there for less than a year.

Portland police will also have air patrol units out as much as possible, according to officials.

The man who allegedly killed two police officers and a sheriff’s deputy in Baton Rouge visited Dallas the week before the shootings and posted a video on YouTube while there about “protesting, oppression and how to deal with bullies”.

Jackson added: “Please don’t let hate infect your heart. I’m working in these streets so, any protestors, officers, friends, family or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, I got you”. “It’s only fighting back of money, that’s all they care about”, Long said.

One suspect is dead, police say, but two more are believed to be at large.

Local Baton Rouge news station WBRZ identified Gerald as the second officer killed on Sunday.

In another, he praised the Deacons for Defence – a group of African Americans who formed an armed self-defence group during the civil rights movement of the 1960s – as men who “when their kids were also getting killed by cops and other white supremacy members, they stood up and stood firm”.


Gavin Eugene Long On Protesting, Oppression, And How To Deal With Bullies