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Beatdown By Baltimore Cop Results In Suspension, $5 Million Suit



Beatdown By Baltimore Cop Results In Suspension, $5 Million Suit
Baltimore cop savagely assaulting Kollin Truss

AFRICANGLOBE – A Baltimore police officer has been suspended and faces a $5 million lawsuit after he was caught on video throwing a flurry of punches at a suspect as one cop restrained the man and another watched.

Officer Vincent E. Cosom was placed on paid leave after video of the June incident was made public Monday as part of a suit filed by Kollin Truss, who was the subject of a vicious and relentless attack by the cop, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The video shows Truss, 32, and girlfriend Stephanie Coleman at a Baltimore bus stop June 15 at 1:40 a.m. when Cosom appears from behind Coleman and clocks Truss with a stiff right jab. The blow knocks Truss back against the side of the bus stop, but he remains upright.

That’s when another officer restrains Truss while Cosom, a six-year veteran, follows up with haymakers and a series of right uppercuts. And yet Truss remained standing. Only when Coleman stepped in as a human shield did the beatdown stop.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts reacted angrily to the video at a press conference and vowed accountability.

Beatdown By Baltimore Cop Results In Suspension, $5 Million Suit
Kollin Truss

“Much like the public, I was shocked,” Batts said. “I’m outraged. I’m disgusted by what I saw by an employee of the Baltimore Police Department. Nothing that I saw on that video is defensible, nor should it be defensible. And most importantly it’s unacceptable and will not be tolerated within this organization.”

The police report of the incident said Truss was loitering outside Charm City liquor store and appeared intoxicated, WJLA reported. He yelled an obscenity at Cosom when he was told to leave, the police report said.

Cosom said he moved in to make an arrest after he witnessed Truss push his girlfriend three times.

“At this time I went to place the male under arrest,” Cosom’s report states.

“He got into a fighting stance and clenched his fist. Me and the male got into a physical altercation due to me being in fear of my safety and I received a punch to the body.”

Truss was charged with assault, but the video tells a different story.

“He lied,” Coleman told the Baltimore Sun.

The incident is under investigation, the district attorney’s office confirmed.

“This conduct has no place in American policing,” Batts said.


By: Jason Molinet


Baltimore Cop Savagely Assaulting Kollin Truss


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