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Bill Cosby Is A distraction, These White Males Are The Real Sex Predators

Bill Cosby is A distraction, These White Males Are The Real Sex Predators
Out of every celebrity accused of sexual misconduct Bill Cosby is the only one convicted.

AFRICANGLOBE – Here’s a list of popular Caucasian Americans with a sex scandal: (1) Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who raped several women on his casting couch; (2) Brett Kavanaugh (R) SCOTUS nominee & confirmed (accused of sexual assault and rape by three women, in alleged incidents that occurred during his high school and college years); (3) David Sorensen (R) White House Speechwriter (allegations by his ex-wife, that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent 2½ -year marriage); (4) Pat Meehan (R-PA) US Representative (who used tax payer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim by a female staffer); (5) Anthony Weiner, Representative (D-NY) (who tried to lure a 15 year old girl into having sex with him); and the list goes on. Let me know if you need more mentions, I am happy to send you a long list.

But when you watch CNN, MSNBC and you read the NYTimes, The Washington Post and other white supremacist media outlets, one name and one name alone shows up, even when unsolicited in almost any story that has to do with sex or not. Bill Cosby! Bill Cosby is African American. He was accused of sexual misconduct and he was found guilty and incarcerated.

The talk among US Liberals of Bill Cosby without mentioning the long line of notorious Caucasian sex predators is a running joke in liberal circles. US liberals are just as racist, if not more racist, than their fellow neocons. Look at Bill Clinton!

Top row: Donald Trump; Harvey Weinstein; Louis C.K.; Kevin Spacey; Matt Lauer; Russell Simmons; Garrison Keillor. Second row: John Conyers; James Tobeck; Ed Murray; Charlie Rose; John Besh; Mark Halperin; Steven Seagal. Third row: Michael Oreskes; Andrew Kreisberg; Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby; Bill Clinton; Leon Weiseltier; Jeff Hoover. Bottom row: George H.W. Bush; Roy Moore; John Lasseter; Terry Richardson; Al Franken; Brett Ratner.

More, when it comes to Weiner, Clinton, Weinstein and other Caucasian Americans who are accused of sexual misconduct, they are almost all seen checking into a sex addiction clinic as if being sex predators has something to do with a sickness, and not entirely their own conscious decisions. This is mainly how these Caucasian men attempt to dodge responsibility for their nauseous behavior, while lampooning the only Black man in the room with them.

Do not be fooled by the writings of the NYTimes about Bill Cosby, they are clearly obsessed with him. It shows! Plus, the white men they shield by not mentioning their names are equally as guilty. There’s a difference between consensual sex and rape even at the height of any sort of compulsive behaviour. Sex addicts hurt themselves and their partners. But when so-called sex addicts start abusing their victims, like Weinstein, Weiner, et al did they are called sex predators.

Any attempt to disguise them in a clinic under the shroud of whiteness should fool no one. In the same way that it would be unconscionable to paint a mass murderer as a gun addict or mentally ill it is unconscionable for the liberal media to continue to paint positive images of Caucasian sex predators checking into a sex clinic.

Rest assured, the NYTimes will undoubtedly continue in making the liberal running jokes about Cosby in any article they publish, in any comedy show they air, whether it has to do with sex or not, while they will keep the lid on the Weiners, the Weinsteins and the Clintons. The reason they will do it is straightforward: Keep the racist ideology of “whites are good; Blacks are bad” alive. Keep the gullible unthinking neanderthals stooped in the idea that only Black men commit crimes.


By: Amenuti Narmer


The Women Who Accused Bill Cosby – Professor Truth

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