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Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen’s “Right” to Call YOU the “N-Word”


Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen
Bill Maher

AFRICANGLOBE – While it seems universally agreed that Paula Deen’s admission of using racist language and, uh, party-planning is terrible, Bill Maher took a moment on “Real Time” to ask his panel an unpopular question: do people really need to “go away” for using that word?

Journalist Bob Herbert clashed with Maher over his assertions, saying that uttering the N-word just crosses the line, no matter who you are.

Maher maintained that Deen shouldn’t have been fired, because it’s a “free country, even to be an a**hole.”

See the spirited discussion, including a zinger from Michael Pollan, below.


 Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen

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