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Birds And Crooks – The Gantt Report


Birds And Crooks - The Gantt Report
you should not trust anyone with your money

AFRICANGLOBE – More often than not, people are judged by their association. Judgment this way can be problematic because we all are individuals and our deeds and actions should be evaluated on an individual basis.

At the same time, however, birds of a feather do flock together.

Not just birds, crooks usually flock and work together to commit crimes together.

It has been my experience when you hire, consult or involve people with wrongful or bad intentions in your personal or business life you open the door for other unsavory people to come into your life and/or business.

Gamblers like to hang out with other gamblers, gangsters like to meet and greet other gangsters, crack heads like to get high with other crack heads, whores are oftentimes friends with other whores and thieves hang out with and communicate with robbers, burglars, embezzlers, con men and other criminals.

Financial criminals are always on the lookout for people and companies that they can steal money from.

Victims are easy to find because people with “new money” can’t keep quiet and seek to tell everybody they can that they got a huge legal settlement, they hit the lottery, they inherited a fortune when daddy died or they just consummated a very lucrative business deal.

People that lose their money to crooks the fastest are those that believe in people they don’t know more than they believe in themselves or in people they do know.

When you get some “big” money you will get phone calls and letters from people that you never saw or heard of before that will tell you to turn on your lifetime friends and family members and put your faith in them.

Personally, my attitude is if you didn’t want to talk to me while I was broke and struggling you shouldn’t want to talk to me about a financial windfall type of transaction when I get a few dollars.

My advice to my friends is when you get money, before you buy houses, cars, clothes and jewelry you should get you two lawyers. A financial law expert that can peruse and vet so-called business deals that will ultimately be presented to you and a personal lawyer that can fight off all of the law suits that may or may not be directed at you for any debts you owe or don’t owe.

When choosing a lawyer, history is the best teacher. If you have a multi-million dollar business, for instance, you should hire a billion dollar law firm to represent you. Look at a law firm’s clients, look at their track record and courtroom successes and failures.

Personal wealth and boxing have at least one similarity, you have to protect yourself at all times!

Also, don’t be afraid to do a background check on everybody that asks you for large sums of money. People involved in scams or swindles always leave a paper trail of legal issues or criminal convictions.

Trust the people you want to but you should always verify what you are told about your money!

When a crook tells you to “use my guy” he is usually telling you to do business with another crook!

Be careful with your money because birds of a feather do flock together, especially jail birds that have been involved with fraud, theft by taking, ponzi schemes and various other financial crimes!

Know the difference between a song bird and a jail bird when deciding who to trust with your money!



By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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