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Black America Will Never Rise, Unless It Part Ways With The N-Word

Black America Will Never Rise, Unless It Part Ways With The N-Word

AFRICANGLOBE – On Sunday, the man that succeeded at having the N-word deleted from a major dictionary and author of the book “My Diary of Inspirational Considerations” had this to say. Attorney Roy Miller stated that Black America will never rise, unless it decides to part ways with the N-word.

World leaders know, but Black America refuses to accept a certainty. In every country, every state, every city and in every group, two things have always been certain. Those that demand respect have always been on top and those that accept disrespect have always be on the bottom. Resisting

For as long as Black America wants to play the game of accepting disrespect, disrespect is willing to pull us to the bottom. At its worse, the N-word is the ultimate word of disrespect used against Blacks. In the battle to keep the N-word alive, Blacks and racists find themselves fighting for the same cause and on the same team.

They fight together for n-word usage. In civil rights cases and hate crime cases, a Black person taking the witness stand and declaring that the N-word is acceptable language usage is an attorney’s nightmare. There are many excuses given for N-word usage.

Don’t fool yourself. When people on the street use the N-word, they are not talking about history or origin. Some have tried to make the N-word into something good. When someone is spitting on you, you don’t teach the person being spit on to pretend that the insult of the spit can be taken as a positive. Instead, you must demand respect from the one spitting.

We know that we reap what we sow. If disrespect is what we put out, disrespect is what comes back. If only a few of us are willing to fight against this fire of disrespect, – God will see us and make it rain. Before we can rise, we must first show God that we do not accept disrespect.


By: Roy Miller

Visit his website at www.attorneyroymiller.com. He can also be reached via email at Attorney Roy Miler at Attorneymiller99@aol.com.

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