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Black Americans Deprived Of Their Human Rights


Black Americans Deprived Of Human Rights: Analyst
Jordan Davis

AFRICANGLOBE – Press TV recently conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, political analyst, Washington about an American court failing to reach a verdict on the first degree murder charge against Michael Dunn the White male who who shot dead a Black child for playing music.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: I’d like to get your thoughts on the conduct of the court with regards to the first degree murder charges.

Short: Well, you know, it’s essentially jury-malification. You have a man who shot people; he ran away, walked the dog, ate pizza and hid the weapon. I mean… what does it take? But then again this is America.

We need to remember that the civil rights Bill that was passed in 1964 marked the first time in American history where you had enforcement of the law where if a Black were murdered by a Bhite something might happen.

For much of this country’s history there wasn’t any such thing as a White person murdering a Black person. Just remember that.

What you see in the country and in the court are people trying to live in the 19th century where it was OK to rape, kill and slaughter Black people – and many people want to live this way in this country.

Press TV: A lot of observers have drawn similarities between the case of George Zimmerman who shot Trayvon Martin last summer, do you see it in that light as well?

Short: There are dozens of cases. There was a boy that was murdered in Orlando Florida just minutes away from where Jordan Davis was shot – another White male hunted down and murdered a Black child.

This is normal. Thousands of Black people have been murdered since Barack Obama became president. The Justice Department is doing nothing about it.

The president’s resolve is to put a man who is fighting for homosexual rights… as a new civil rights officer.

Blacks do not have human rights in the United States. We have been in a state of siege since the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 and we need a movement for human rights and a movement to wake up our people because we are being destroyed.

Jordan Davis Michael Dunn (1)
Michael Dunn was found guilty of not killing all the kids in the car, for the one whom he killed he was found innocent of the charge

Press TV: Briefly if you could elaborate on that. You say this is normal, what has to happen to change the status quo?

Short: The status quo? We’d need to get rid of majoritarian democracy where a White majority terrorizes a Black minority.

African Americans are a national minority group like the Kurds is in Turkey and we need to organize ourselves and get international support for our human rights to be defended. African Americans need sovereignty.

We don’t need to have systems where you have a mostly White jury reward Whites for murdering Black people. We need to have a jury of our own peers where everyone is African American.

We need to have our share of the economy and the political power of the country….Our current system does not address our lack of sovereignty, self-determination or the protection of our human rights.


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