Black Answers: Without Mercy

Black Answers: Without Mercy

This week I’ll be talking about what happened at No Mercy, the last PPV to the date.

Basically, almost nothing changed. I’d say nothing if it weren’t because we are not going to suffer another Jericho vs Michaels match.

Four title matches, four succesful defenses. The new number one contender is the guy who always is the number one contender, Rey Mysterio is still a masked man and, the only thing that I should mention is that The Undertaker was knocked out cold. That’s the simple overview that can be done without thinking too much.

But I must go on and talk about each match so I can extract a meaning out of each and every one.

1- Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship. For me, it was the perfect match. It really did everything it had to do! Matt retained his Championship for the first time and, at the same time, he pinned the former Champion, the guy that didn’t suffer a pin at the Scramble, the World Strongest Man.

But that wasn’t the important thing, because we all knew that Hardy was going to retain. The important thing is HOW he managed to do that, the intelligence, the tactic. He showed that brain can beat muscle and ended the match on top, but without making Henry look bad. In fact, Henry looked great and gave us a good match, selling Hardy’s moves in a spectacular way.

To this match, my Black Words are going to be, I think for the first time, nice: Good match, great booking. But let’s see what happens at Cyber Sunday, when we will be forced to watch the same match again.

2- Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle for the Women’s Championship. Boring match that ended the way it was suposed to.

3- Kane vs Rey Mysterio… Well… I didn’t hate this match. It was quick, it had some good spots and Kane looked awesome, a ruthless aggressor, exactly what we all wanted to see from him.

But his match had a huge flaw, the biggest mistake ever made… The ending. What the hell was that? Kane getting disqualified after being hit three or four times? He was still in control of the match, he was close to get what he wanted (Mysterio’s mask) and, out of nowhere, big chairshot in mid-air and bye bye match. Thew worst thing is that it’s like it never happened, nothing changed, just a match without a winner (even though Mysterio won via DQ).

Black words? Nice match, crappy ending… My mood isn’t the best and it only made me want to turn off the PPV and go to bed. Let’s go on.

4- Big Show vs The Undertaker. A match that has already been seen about a dozen of times, last Sunday had a new ending, a weird ending that really made Big Show’s new finisher look great.

Many years ago, when the Undertaker was the WWF Champion and leader of the Corporate Ministry, he faced The Big Show (in that time, Paul Wight’s in-ring name was already “The Big Show”, not “The Giant”, as he was called in WCW, anymore), The Undertaker told him “People don’t chokeslam The Undertaker, the Undertaker chokeslams people”. The match was a crappy one, Undertaker got himself disqualified (courtesy of Paul Bearer) and, angry, The Big Show ended chokeslamming The WWF Champion THROUGH the mat!!

Since that day, the Undertaker’s matches against The Big Show have never been easy, because this guy, this small building, like Tazz liked to call him in his ECW era, is Undertaker’s true nemesis. A normal guy with the same power than the Phenom, the man that came back from the dead, the guy that is undefeated at Wrestlemania. And last Sunday’s match was what I was expecting to see, a boring (but very even) match that had a dirty opener for Big Show’s victory.

In a previous column, I said that I wanted The Big Show to win in a clean way. Many of you said that it was impossible and you were right. He didn’t win in a clean way. But he didn’t pin the Undertaker… No no no… He knocked out the Deadman! The referee was forced to call the bell! It was a slow match, but that was totally shocking.

What will happen after this? I don’t know. But this feud will go on and I’m sure that it will end with a gimmick match.

But, while we wait, the Black Words have come here and they are about to explain this: Big Show overpowered The Undertaker. And that’s great news. Next match, something different may happen. But, until then… All hail The Big Show!!

5- JBL vs Batista. Please, tell me that this match never happened! Please! PLEASE!!! It was the most boring match of the night (even more than Beth vs Candice), JBL never stood a chance and the match ended almost before it started.

BUT, there is still something that is worth mentioning about this bout. It happened after the match ended and it began with one of the best things the WWE has to offer: John Bradshaw Layfield with a microphone in his hand. His speech about the crisis was something memorable, I laughed a lot and I enjoyed the way the WWE choose to criticize what happened. Having JBL screaming “Thank you! Thank you for letting me keep my properties, for letting me have more and more money” was the best segment of the Pay Per View. I will not talk about politics, I just say that I loved the way they made that happen.

6- HHH vs Hardy. This was, to my eyes, the best match of the evening, the match that had the perfect messure of spice and it was the most “useful” match of the night. Why? Because it showed that Hunter was only three seconds better than Hardy, who dominated the entire match, gave us the hell of a fight and screamed “I’m ready to be a Champion!”. I don’t believe he is ready, but he outwrestled the WWE Champion in that ring and that seems to be enough. He needs more mic skills if he wants to be the top dog of the most important company. I hope he keeps improving, he has 5 or 6 weeks until Survivor Series comes by. He will dominate the match at Cyber Sunday ( a triple threat, of course), but, thanks to Vladimir, he won’t win.

I repeat myself: great reigns begin at great matches. And great matches happen in big stages. Survivor Series is the date for the dawn of the Hardy Era.

About the match, the Black words are quite useless, because everything has been said: Hunter had a tough time beating Hardy at No Mercy. He got lucky, if you want me to say so. Let’s see what happens.

7- Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match. Ok, here comes the hate. After reading some No Mercy reports, I found that almost everyone loved this match. I checked it again before writing this post and I got to tell you that if this match is chosen “Match of the Year”, there are only two possibilities for me:

a) It was a really awful year.

b) I don’t give a damn about wrestling.

I really didn’t like the match, it was another Ladder Match, without magic, without a “WOW!!!”. Too many botched spots and a weird ending (with a headbutt? The same sad way he defeated CM Punk in that Cage Match?) conpired against the last bout of the Jericho-Michaels saga. I hated it (the entire saga) and I’m glad to see that it’s over.

No Mercy… Well… It was just another PPV. It wasn’t too boring, it had some nice moments. But nothing special. Next week I’ll speak about the other things that happened in the PPV (like the segment involving MVP, Orton, Punk, Kingston, Rhodes, Di Biase and Manu).

Until then…