Black Beaded Bracelets are Stunning-How Do I Choose One?

Black Beaded Bracelets are Stunning-How Do I Choose One?

A Black Bead Bracelet is an ideal touch to any outfit. Why? Because you can wear it while dressing up, and still wear it with jeans and a nice top.

When looking for the ideal beaded bracelet, you can shop at a local jewelry store, but you can also shop online where you’ll find a variety of handcrafted beaded jewelry from artisans.

As is usually the case any jewelry store will carry specific gemstone and semi-precious jewelry. You’ll get round or shaped gemstones set in lovely prong or bezel type settings. When searching out handcrafted beaded jewelry, you’ll see that many choices exist – giving you the opportunity to find the ideal handmade beaded bracelet.

There are wonderful reasons to work personally with a jewelry artisan. One of the best ones being is they can make a personal order black beaded bracelet that’s more beautiful than you ever imagined possible. Below are the 4 styles of black bead bracelets that are the most popular and most customizable.

1. Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelets – Lampwork glass is it’s own little piece of jewelry heaven. Regional glass artists use a gas usually butane torch and glass rods and make each glass bead one by one. As they create every bead individually, because each bead is handcrafted, there won’t be any beads that are exactly the same. The fun aspect in relation to picking a glass bead bracelet, you can count on the fact that an artisan gave an abundance of love and passion into each one of those beads that make up your special handcrafted beaded jewelry.

2. Crystal Beaded Bracelet – Have you ever seen a black crystal? Well the exit. If you choose Swarovski crystal, the solid black ones are termed Jet. There is a wonderful finish that can be applied to crystals giving an irridescent veneer. The name given to this is the Aurora Borealis finish. Crystals have tremendous uniformity, multi-faceted and are responsible for gorgeous pieces of jewelry. You can also stray slightly lighter to a smoke colored Swarovski Crystal. Unlike the opaque jet colored crystal, smoke is lucid allowing light to flow through it which can cause the crystal to glisten. With so many varieties of crystal colors that you are able to buy today, practically any arrangement you desire can become a black beaded bracelet.

3. Seed Bead Bracelet – Seed beads are teeny tiny beads that some people would need a magnifying glass to work with. They have an infinite amount of shapes, sizes and colors. You can find seed beads that are triangular, round, even hexagon-shaped beads. If you are looking for a black bead bracelet that has a lot of texture, a seed bracelet is likely the right choice for you. Seed beads come in many styles such as a flat cuff, rope or woven into more visual combinations. With the boundless colors obtainable you’re also able to duplicate your much loved photo made entirely of beads.

4. Mixed Materials Bracelets – These are the type of beaded jewelry you’ve probably seen most. Mixing crystals and pearls as an example, can give rise to a black beaded bracelet be brilliant and elegant at the same time.

With so many possibilities available, the only challenge you have when finding the perfect black bead bracelet is how to stop at just one

But don’t worry, if you have to get two or three to blend with different outfits, you’re not the only one. Just make sure you find something that expresses your personality and makes you feel special wearing it! For affordable handcrafted beaded jewelry working with a jewelry artist you can find the perfect black beaded bracelet within your budget – and you won’t see anybody else wearing one just like it!