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Black Children, An Endangered Species

Black Children: Endangered Species
It is time for Black people to take their own security into their own hands

AFRICANGLOBE – It’s not the elephant, it’s not the owl, it’s not the panda, the world’s most endangered species is the Black male teenager!

Don’t ever think that Florida is the only place where Black children can be gunned down by White separatists, White supremacists or White racists in broad daylight.

Where ever you are, where ever you live and whatever non-threatening thing you do, all a hater has to do is call you a gangster or a thug and proceed to shot you multiple times!

The African American community has to protect African American children.

Black people can’t depend on the police for protection. Many people that shoot unarmed, law abiding teenagers are released immediately once the shooter says he stood his ground and killed the teenager in self defense.

You can’t depend on a courtroom where everything a Black eyewitness says is questioned and everything a murderer says is considered the unquestionable truth.

We have to depend on ourselves. So called Black leaders have to let the world know that the murders of Black teenagers will be avenged. If death is good for Black children I wonder why mass murders always seem to shoot up White grade schools and White colleges?

All children are targets for gun toting devils! All children and all parents should be afraid of trigger happy people looking for someone to murder.

And, Black children should be more afraid than any other American youths.

Jewish children aren’t being shot by neo-nazis. Native American children are not being shot by modern day cowboys. Cuban American children are not being shot by communist agitators. Christian children aren’t being targeted for gun play by Muslim terrorists.

But Black children have to look over their shoulders every day! They can’t go to the neighborhood market. They can’t go to the service station. They can’t go anywhere where someone has a gun, has a gripe and is looking for someone to unload a clip on!

It’s easy to convict a Black man for killing a dog but it seems hard as hell to convict a White man for murdering a Black child.

Executions of Black children using stand your ground laws as a defense will go on and on until children of other races begin to get murdered.

Black dislike for self defense laws mean nothing until a non-White person fires ten high powered bullets into a SUV full of White teenagers.

Saying you killed a White teen because you feared him would not even fly in a Hollywood movie!

One day one of these modern day vigilantes is going to run up on a Black person that has just as many weapons as they do and the outcome of a subsequent shooting will be far different than it has recently been in the State of Florida.

Until then, Black male teenagers will remain the world’s most endangered species!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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