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Black Consciousness As A Social Construct And The Illusion Of Human consciousness


Black Consciousness As A Social Construct And The Illusion Of Human consciousness
Though Blacks make up the majority of Brazilian society whites dominate the economy and politics of the country

AFRICANGLOBE – In Brazil the month of November is accompanied by a drive on the 20th, Day of Black Consciousness, established in memory of Zumbi dos Palmares, who died in 1695. The date is not commemorative, but a score to remind us of the role and the struggles of Black people in Brazilian society.

Despite being in force since 2003, the date still causes rancidity those who do not know black history or ignore its importance, generating erroneous and simplistic messages such as the famous and boring phrase “do not need a day of black consciousness, but 365 days human consciousness. “It is upon this phrase that we will draw our analysis from now.

To say that we are all human and therefore is not necessary to define a specific day in memory of a people, is a shallow and irresponsible way to treat Brazilian history. Although we are all human according to biology, an observational analysis shows us that in actual fact we are not equal. As an example, the campaign Amnesty International’s Brazil launched this week, called ” Young Black Live , “which emphasizes the number of young black men killed, drawing a picture of the social conditions in which these young people are. The observation on society also draws our attention to the fact that there are fewer blacks in universities, more blacks in the streets, less black occupying senior positions in companies, more blacks incarcerated, more blacks in bondage positions.

Appealing to meritocracy, those who think the Black Consciousness Day useless, ignore primary factors such as housing and work, which often hamper opportunities for black people to falling in society in areas still denied. And then you can believe that one of the biggest evidence of a racist society is it to deny the right of the black fight for your space.

In other words, there is nothing more racist than diminish the importance of Black Awareness Day.

This date, more than mere paragraph in elementary school history books, it is an effort for the social construction, the development of identity in black people and a fundamental effort to present the country a neglected slice of Brazilian history, always whitened with idea that the Portuguese represent the heroic arm that built the nation.

The 365 days of human consciousness are a lazy illusion that prevents access to Black History and makes land on society the false idea that we already live in equality. Also, call for 365 days of human consciousness to be put in place of the black consciousness is a way to silence the black movement and its historical struggle for visibility.

Facing the structurally racist society will continue hurting egos and privileges of that until then had not been asked about their social position. Racism is an open wound, historical result, and will always be addressed until the day that black people are really free.


By: Gabriela Moula

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