Black Family, Black Man: “Locked and Loaded”

Black family
Families are the foundation of societies

We can all agree that there is a blatant attack on the Black Family. Our Black Men are being effeminized, emasculated, their hips have more sway than the females and the females are walking harder than the men.  This war that’s on the Black Family, is it intentional? It is by design? The answer to both is YES!

I listened to the following quote which sparked deep reflection which has now become this article.

“Kill who? Kill who? The Man and spare who? The Woman. You are growing up now in strength and power in America while the Black Man is getting weaker and weaker and soon the Black Man will not able to do nothing for you and then you will call for his destruction and the White Man will have you as the booty, the prize, for destroying your Black Man you become the prize.”
Call: to cry out in a loud voice; shout
Destruction: the act of destroying


1. To reduce injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.
2. To put an end to; extinguish.
3. To kill; slay.
4. To render ineffective or useless; nullify; neutralize; invalidate.

5. To defeat completely.

Booty: spoil taken from an enemy in war

Now Black Woman, how have we called for the destruction of our men? Every time we take our Brother to child support without GIVING him the chance to provide for his child, we are calling for his destruction. Every time we tell our Brothers they are no good, nonproductive, ain’t  worth nothing, we are calling out for his destruction, every time we belittle him in front of his children, we are not only calling out for his destruction, but we are destroying him in the eyes of his children therefore  destroying  his legacy and his future, every time we harbor bitterness in our wombs, and fashion and mold our children in our bitterness, we are calling out for his destruction.  How have we become the booty? What  is it about or within us that makes us the prize? What has been seized and captured by our enemy and how did he use and isSTILL using it for his advantage


The reason Willie Lynch’s teachings remain pertinent is because Slaves are no longer transported in slave ships, they are being transported, cultivated and made manifested through the wombs of Black Women. When we were slaves (and many still are) we were made to rely on our slave masters, by the breaking down of the black man and leaving us alone, we raise our daughters to be independent and raise our boys to be weak and frail. He has planted his seeds of dissension in our wombs thus ensuring and creating the most effective method to keep his school of thought in heavy rotation. Unbeknownst to us, in the war against the Black Family, we as Black Women have become his best trained assassin.

Sisters, we hold so much power in our wombs. In our wombs is where life is created and cultivated. Do you understand why our wombs are considered the “booty”? What better way to break down a people, than through the WOMB that PRODUCES said people? What better way to attempt to wipe the Black Man off the planet than through his woman? Kill her desire for him, make him weak, make her independent, make her priceless make, him worthless, make her EVERYTHING; make himNOTHING.

I know as Black Women we have endured our own suffering, and I don’t negate that fact at all.  What I am attempting to do is show who the real enemy among us is, so we can stop fighting each other. Does the current condition of the Black Family rest solely on the shoulders of the Black Woman? Of course not. It will take BOTH the Black Man and Woman to repair the broken hearts, the mistrust, the frustration, the rejection, the disrespect, the mistreatment and the hurt we have done to one another.

However as Black Women, if we fully realize, understand and acknowledge that our wombs were manipulated to destroy the Black Family, we can now use our wombs (both mental and physical) to REPAIR, and REBUILD the Black Family. There is so much value in us being together Sisters and Brothers. Otherwise why would there have been a blueprint in play to keep us apart? One of the most powerful forces on the planet is BLACK LOVE. Sisters, we must stop allowing those that blissfully seek the destruction of our families control us. Reclaiming our wombs is the FIRST step towards reclaiming the Black Family.

By; Nojma Muhammad