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Black Feminism – A Cancer In The Black Community


Black Feminism – A Cancer In The Black Community
Black feminism.

AFRICANGLOBE – Some Black women in America today have allowed The Massa to psychologically brainwash them into thinking that Black men are these “superpredators” and “the biggest threat” to them when we know that this isn’t true.

The gender studies classes they have in college, I see them as becoming more of a breeding ground for radical and Black feminists nowadays.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of any type of feminism from radical to Black because they are detrimental to our community and to society itself.

These are the facts about what feminism has done to the Black community in America over the past 40+ years:

More than 70% of Black kids are raised in single parent homes.

Some young Black boys are becoming more degradable little punks and being destroyed because of the single parent household.

Black Feminism – A Cancer In The Black Community
The ultimate goal of feminism.

Feminism in general is also part of the social engineering program The Establishment used as a weapon to also destabilize Black families and it has been successful.

More than 15 million Black babies have been systemically killed through abortion, another form of systemic genocide since 1973. And is the #1 killer of Black lives in America.

Some Black women nowadays are becoming lesbians because they say things like “These n****s ain’t shit” or “Black men will never be good enough for me” because I’ve seen some of them say this on social media and some of them have also taken on the “independent Black woman” mindset that is detrimental to their kids.

Another thing I noticed about these radical and Black feminists on social media is that when you point out things that totally contradict their false one-sided narrative, they’ll label you a “misogynist”, then bully, harrass, threaten, intimidate, and block you. I’ve seen this myself. No wonder why they aren’t in a relationship.

They are also incredibly silent on these issues:

Abuse towards black kids.
Rape towards black kids.
Black kids being assaulted by cops and teachers.
Bigger issues that don’t pertain to their negative one-sided narrative.
Some single parents turning their boys to degraded punks.
Lack of fathers in the black household.

They are also some of the biggest hypocrites in our community. For example, when Pastor Jamal Bryant said “These H*es Ain’t Loyal” at a sermon to explain a topic, Black feminists viciously attacked him like a pack of mindless sheep, but when Lil Wayne and Chris Brown said “These H*es Ain’t Loyal” in their track, Black feminists were incredibly SILENT because that shows that they are complicit in the disrespect towards young Black girls and women.

The Conclusion – To those Black women with the feminist mindset, kill that mindset so that you can rebuild and restore The Black Family.


By: Joe Davis



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