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Black Feminists Have A Hugo Problem, Too – Among Other Things


Black Feminists Have A Hugo Problem, Too - Among Other Things
Black feminists have always been tools used by White women to achieve their own ends

AFRICANGLOBE – “The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity.”
-The Private Man, “The Rationalization Hamster Is Now Immortal” 

The flurry of attention that Mikki Kendal, an obscure Black Internet Feminist, recently garnered with her Tweet heard Around The World “#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen“, where she rightly upbraided her erstwhile White Feminist sisters for their tripping over themselves to cover their backsides in giving disgraced academic and self-proclaimed male feminist Hugo Schwyzer a pass at the expense of Sista Feministas everywhere, was almost too good to be true – Black and White Women, the Feminists among them anyway, were finally gonna duke it out over what anyone with one good eye could clearly see was dogging “the movement” since Day One – that “Feminism” in truth, really meant Feminism for White and at least nominally middle-class Women – and any other kinds of Women, especially Black, had to get in where they fit in, if at all. It promised to be a rollicking time of highspirited drama and hijinx, which so accompanies disagreements of the ladykind. I for one eagerly looked forward to the fireworks that would surely ensue.

And ensue they did – only to be kinda sorta swept aside by another hashtag bombshell sent on Twitter by another member of the Sistarati – #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen – so sayeth one Ms. Jamilah Lemeiux, editor at Ebony.com – and we’re off to the races. Just like that, the ire of Black Feminists went from chin-checking their White sisters-in-arms, to running off what could only be described as a Litany of White People’s Problems in Blackface to their Brothas – and this time, the Brothas responded with a Hugoesque mea culpa of its own.

Headed up by Duke University academic and gender expert in his own right, Mark Anthony Neal, “Brothers Writing to Live” – a gaggle of truly privileged Black Men – wrote a response to the Litany so drenched in #Empathy that the Porn Professor himself would be impressed.

If you’re thinking that Obsidian is about to suggest that what we saw in the White Femisphere over the past few weeks with their Hugo Problem is something that is NOT unique to them and that the Black Femisphere has some challenges of its own along these lines too, step right up and claim your prize, because you would be spot-on.

Hugo showed us all that in the end, he got where was was and still is, in no small part due to the fact that he had enough of the Right Stuff to win the (White) ladies/Feminists over – and the same is true with his analogues on the Blackhand side of things, too. Just like Hugo knew and understood Women and Seduction well enough to have the former eating out of his hand, the same exact thing can be said of many “new” Black Men, who clearly understand the sociosexual landscape and have no compunctions taking advantage of it. 

No, I am not saying that any of the Brotha collective of which Neal is a part, are suffering from mental illness, pathological liars or are serial monogamists; but what I AM saying, is that one has to either be completely naive, incorrigibly disingenuous, or suffering from an acute attack of the Rationalization Hamster not to see that a tremendous deal of these shows of “empathy” on the part of these kinds of Men, have at least as much to do with positioning oneself for the Po*ntang, as it does anything having to do with “Social Justice”. 

Look, in Black America, Black Men like Neal, et al, know they are a hot and relatively rare commodity – attractive, accomplished, high status, “gets it” and says all the right things to the (Black) ladies – who, let’s be equally and as brutally honest, simply don’t have as many chances to get such Men into their ciphers on a regular basis, compared to their White counterparts – hence all the chatter in more recent years about “Black Male Privilege”, a concept that, on its face is an utterly laughable one – until you consider that what these Black Women are talking about ain’t Charles Ramsey and his ilk; it’s the Jewel Woods’ and Mark Anthony Neals of the world – and the Woods and Neals are smart and saavy enough – in other words they have GAME – to understand that mouthing such nonsensical platitudes is what soooooooo many Black Women of a Certain Class *want to hear* – much like a certain White, privileged and good looking academic, did on the White side.

Sound familiar?

Black Women taking in the “I feel your pain” line from certain Brothas who have the media spotlight would be wise to, in the wake of the Hugo Crisis, take it all with a brick of salt, because, no, there’s nothing wrong with your TV set, chances are high they’re running White Knight Game on you, too, please do not fool yourself. Indeed, before bemoaning the supposed “oppression” they ostensibly endure at the hands of Brothas, Black Feminists/Women need to consider how much trouble they get their own selves into by refusing to see the forest for the trees; in a recent interview with The Hairpin, both Mikki Kendal AND her partner in crime, Flavia Dzodan, couldn’t even identify that the key reason why Hugo Schwyzer was the golden boy for White Internet Feminism when the evidence was as plain as their own noses on their faces, so deep were they in their Rationalization Hamster’s centrifuges – “privilege” and “race”, while certainly not non-factors, were a distant second to the simple fact that HE WAS HOT to their White sisters, and thus, he got on, even when – perhaps especially when – he acted like the asshat he is, and threw the Sistas under the bus.

If ever there was a validation and confirmation of everything that is taught and discussed in Game/Pickup circlesthe Hugo Saga is it, and that includes the aforementioned interview. Read Kendal and Dzodan’s answer to that straight-up question in The Hairpin and see for yourself. Look at those hamsters go!

But that, interestingly enough, is in fact the least of the Black Feminists’ problems; from where I sit, they have at least two other big ones that they have to directly confront, if they want to still be in the headlines come August, 2014:

The first problem they have is one of increasing irrelevance – as I’ve noted several times over the past few years, despite their being repeatedly chumped, snubbed and dissed by their Whiter and higher class sisters, the fact remains that they – Black Women – have benefitted directly, and tremendously, left from the (White) Feminist Agenda – and more often than not, with the aid and tacit approval of Black Men themselves.

Part Two 

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