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Black Friday: Fistfights, Dirt-Cheap Guns, And Utter Craziness


Black Friday Deals
A woman risk life and limb for a good deal

AFRICANGLOBE – As Walmart stores opened their doors across the nation on Black Friday, thousands of shoppers infiltrated the giant retailer in a scene resembling a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Some bared fists in the quest for a bargain, while others acted more nobly, rallying against the superstore in the fight for fair wages on the retailer’s busiest day of the year.

Gun fever was the hit theme of a new post-Thanksgiving tradition, with bargain hunters out in droves taking advantage of Walmart’s firearms discounts, a move that many activists have deemed irresponsible.

The nation’s largest gun seller came under fire today for aggressively marketing its firearms, going so far as to feature a Black Friday “Manager’s Specials Sale” that promises 20 percent off select long rifles and shotguns at stores licensed to sell firearms.

Anti-firearm groups said gun lobbyists and the giant retailer were trying to capitalize on tragedies like Newton and other mass shootings by offering cheap firearms in a bid to revive sales, which slowed down earlier in the year. Others said the annual rush to stack up on guns was a result of fear that this year’s string of violence could trigger stricter gun-control legislation.

Black Friday Fights
Fighting among shoppers has become synonymous with Black Friday

Adding to the commotion, thousands took to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube documenting shoppers going wild. One man was kicked out of Walmart by an employee for filming a fight in which a large man can be seen fighting with others over what appears to be a TV, as police stood by and did nothing.

Meanwhile, others were out in full force fighting for a more honorable cause – the right to fair pay for all workers. Walmart employees and activists staged massive protests around the nation at some 1500 Walmart stores demanding better working conditions on Black Friday, KTLA reported.

Protestors could be seen marching as early as 5 am this morning demanding higher pay. The majority of Walmart employees earn less than $17,000 a year and forced to rely on government assistance.

Nonetheless, despite all the uproar, it seems Walmart may be suffering from a clear case of ‘denial, with a Walmart spokesperson branding Black Friday as a major success for the retailer.


By: Jodie Gummow


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