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Do Black People Really Love Themselves?

Black People
Yes we do.

We don’t act like we do. Want proof? We have some of the highest rates in divorce, abortions, fathers not taking care of their children, and unwedded mothers. We spend a trillion dollars with every group except our own. Black people have issues within our own community about the color of our skin and the texture of our hair.  We have class struggle within our group.  Last but most importantly, we can’t seem to come together to save our lives, which is what it has come down to.

How did this happen? It wasn’t always this way. Before this so-called integration, we lived together, laughed together, played together, loved together, supervised our children and many others, went to school together, worked together, and fought together. What happened?

Is this really the American dream we’re living, or has it become the nightmare we put upon ourselves when we left our community? We once had many banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, theaters, schools, and supermarkets. We’ve gone from producers to some of the largest consumers, from role models to clowns, from leaders to followers.

How can we get back to the great people we once were, the beacons of strength, determination, and will? We had to be all these things to come through one of if not the most horrific periods in history. But unfortunately something stayed with us, even with all the successes we’ve had, something that is deadly to our true progress. How else do you explain us giving our all to help other groups become successful while our people continue to suffer? How else do you explain us being leaders in almost every field we’re allowed to enter, but not owning the wealth we produce?

I’m talking about the psychological effects of slavery. Some books have been written about this most important issue, and some have talked about it, but not enough. In my opinion, the psychological effects of slavery are the only things keeping us from reaching our full potential.

Our so-called government will not help us. They’d rather spend billions on arresting and keeping us in prison, which has become big business, rather than pay for a good education. People are making fortunes off our misery because we continue to rely on the same people who enslaved us to solve our problems. We can no longer blame people outside our community for the current problems inside our community.

It’s time to take a good look in the mirror, but the solution is a simple one — not easy, but simple — and that is to finally come together in order to solve our own problems. We are worshipped all over the world for our amazing abilities, yet inside our community, we struggle to support our gifts. This leaves the door open for people outside our community to capitalize and turn our wealth into theirs. Solving the problems in our community is not the hard part; working together is. I think it’s time to stop talking about Black Unity and Love and make it a reality.


By; Terrance Amen 

Mr. Amen is the author of Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to  http://www.blackunitythetotalsolution.com.

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