Get Over It Black People


Get Over It Black People
Black People must NEVER forget their history

AFRICANGLOBE – America’s closet klansmen, beast bullies and slimy skinheads are fast to tell Native Americans to get over genocide attempts and racial slurs like “Redskins”. They are quick to tell Cubans to get over the Mariel boat lift.  They have no problem telling Japanese Americans to get over the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And they wouldn’t ever go to sleep and dream about telling Jewish Americans to get over the Holocaust!

No group has been told to get over more crimes and atrocities committed against them by devilish beasts than African Americans living in the United States of America!

Black people have been told to get over the kidnappings, the beatings, the hangings, the rapes and the selling of family members during slavery days. We have been told to get over the over-charges, the false arrests, the much too lengthy jail sentences, the bombing of Black churches and homes, the dog attacks ordered by bigots and racists, separate and worse schools, job discrimination, housing discrimination, being used as guinea pigs in syphilis and other experiments, riding in the back of the bus and sitting in the theater balconies because Blacks were forced to.

Black people have been hurt by water when shot at with water hoses during non-violent, peaceful civil rights protests and also harmed by fire like when the MOVE headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were fire bombed by law enforcers and men, women and children were killed merely for being Black and outspoken.

Recently, Black people have been told to get over the shootings and killings of Black teenagers in broad day light and also in night time rain storms!

However, no matter what you say or what anybody says, White folks will never get over the fact that O. J. Simpson was found not guilty by a jury of his peers when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife and a man she got high with.

The White controlled news media bombarded the print media and broadcast airwaves saying that the O.J. verdict was wrong and that Simpson committed a double murder.

White folk shunned and scorned Simpson until he made a dumb mistake by approaching some thieves and White folks went to work and urged law enforcers and officers of the court to give O.J. Simpson the longest jail term in history for trying to recover his own property that was stolen from him!

Tell me why is justice desired in the O.J. Simpson situation but never even considered in the George Zimmerman joke that was called a “fair” trial?

Don’t worry that books have been published that say someone other than Simpson killed his ex-wife and her “buddy”. And, don’t worry that Simpson is old and sick and living and a jail cell while Zimmerman is free signing autographs and painting pictures of the young boy he profiled and murdered.

Four hundred years after slavery days a Black man better not even be falsely accused of doing something to a White woman because White folk will never get over it!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at


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