Black Pro-Life Organization Distributes Abortion DVD

The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), northeast Director Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr and a team of 17 activists traveled across the nation to distribute 3,000 copies of the eye opening documentary MAAFA 21 to attendees of this year’s NAACP National Convention held at the convention center in downtown Los Angeles, California.

MAAFA 21 is a dynamic production produced by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics. It chronicles the history of abortion in America and the deliberate and systematic targeting of the African American community. The film also highlights the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood.

“MAAFA 21 is a tremendous tool for social activist to use in the Black Community. It empirically documents Black Genocide in America,” stated Rev Childress. “The seeds that were sown in these last four days is going to bring a harvest of witnesses and advocates to proclaim the truth about Black Genocide.”

Childress is also the founder of the website The team of activists that traveled with him to distribute the videos attend his church in Montclair, New Jersey and like himself desires to see the end of abortion.

“I am surprised that there was so much opposition to us from security,” stated Sasha Dalger. “We were giving things away and there were those who were selling things and soliciting signatures for political organizations who virtually went unopposed.”

Bro Malik Wright agreed with Sasha’s comment, “Yeah it was like they were looking just for us. One security guard even tried to confiscate our DVDs. You would think we were giving out pornographic videos.”

The NAACP Convention has still refused to address the issue of abortion which has killed over 20 million African Americans to date and is decimating the Black community at the rate of 1,786 a day. 52% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute which is the research arm for Planned Parenthood. In New York City, for instance, for every 1,000 African American’s born 1,625 are killed by abortion.

In his opening address the President of the NAACP, Todd Jealous, stated, “The NAACP’s task in the 21st century is to turn racial equality into racial justice.” Rev Childress comments, “If that is the agenda of the NAACP, then we have helped the mission along by handing out MAAFA 21 which exposes racial prejudice and Black Genocide in the 21st century. 3,000 members should be now paving the way to end racial injustice.”

The 3,000th DVD of MAAFA21 was handed to a delegate at the convention who promised to contact LEARN to let them know what she thought of the documentary. The delegate was asked where she was from and she yelled out Denver, Colorado.

LEARN team member Anton Tucker said, “I believe we have come full circle in some way, I truly believe something significant has happened here this week. We hand out 2,999 and the last one goes to where it all started, Denver!”