Blacked Up French Police Officers Under Investigation


Blacked Up French Police Officers Under Investigation
This is what the French who are living off of Africa thinks of Black people

AFRICANGLOBE – French Police blackened their faces, wore afro wigs and ate bananas during a fancy dress party in France.

Photos emerged this week on social media of the officers, from Kremlin-Bicetre who had blackened their faces with shoe polish for the bizarre event.

One photo shows an officer sitting with bananas on his knees and scratching under his arms, seeming to imitate a monkey’s actions.

According to reports, the policemen photographed have been suspended and will be interviewed this week by officers from the Inspection Generale de la Police Nationale – the police department that investigates officer behaviour.

“If the police officers who have the responsibility to fight against racism are more busy making fun of Black people than defending them, it could explain why things have advanced so little in this domain,” said Louis-Georges Tin, president of the Conseil Representatif des Associations Noires.

Tin has asked for a meeting with France’s top policeman, interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Tin added: “The Black people of this country don’t have to put up with racial profiling by people who dress up like this at night.”

Last November, France’s Black Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira was described as “crafty as a monkey” on a far right magazine cover which showed a photograph of her smiling under a headline saying she “had her banana back.”


By: Sashakay Fairclough


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