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Blacks, Gays, and the Normalization of Marginalization

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Obama has paid no attention to Black issues

I don’t think it is so much of the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality that bothers me, it is the normalized marginalization of the ‘Black condition’ that bothers me. The reason this is so is because in the American social landscape there is NO single issue greater than the issue of Black inequality and disparity that still exists today across virtually every social dimension. So whether you are pro or against so-called gay rights, the fact is that in my opinion, and within the context of American history, the travesty that is the tolerance of the modern Black condition is abhorrent and a much more pressing issue.

Therefore when I, and many other Blacks see the president, who happens to be Black, and who happens to have received 95% or so of the Black vote under the premise of change:

A) Patently ignoring the critical and pervasive issues going on in the Black community, in particular Black mass incarceration.


B) Spending so much political capital, and taking such firm political and policy stances on GLBT issues.


When many Blacks see the historical civil rights struggle to escape the barbaric tentacles of White supremacy countermanded and re-purposed, for a much less ‘critical’ so called right many of us get upset. Our struggles included the destruction of a whole culture and civilization, the rape of Black women and men, the legalized denial of education, the forced servitude for 300 some odd years, and the concurrent Jim Crow and segregation after that. All of which led to the pathologies and non-corrected broken Black economic ecosystem that extended from said oppression and extends into current perception. Well yeah, some of us do understandably get pretty damn upset.

So even if we approach it from purely a political standpoint, as a Black voting bloc who vote with expectation of political return on investment, which we have not gotten from this president in particular, and his Democratic predecessors in general, many of us are rightly upset, whether we support so-called gay rights or not.

Last time I checked:

1. Gays didn’t represent half of the incarcerated population of the largest western prison system in the world.
2. Have per capita one of the lowest income rates, highest poverty rates, lowest educational rates in the nation.
3. Have one of the highest infant mortality rates, and general mortality and poor health care rates in the nation.
4. Have fractured urban core social structures.
5. I could go on but you get the point

Just tossing that out there next time folks tell Blacks to “Just get over it” when it comes to the fashionable new minority and the political capital spent on their behalf, while we languish in large numbers in urban core economic, educational and health related slums.

By; DG

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