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Bravo Chris Matthews For Challenging Preibus On Romney’s Racist Birther Comment

Chris Mathews and Reince Priebus

If more of the serious journalists pressed politicians aggressively when they play the race card this nation would be in a much better position.

It would make them wary of playing the race card or risk being exposed to ridicule, as Chris Matthews  did this morning to Rance Priebus on “Morning Joe.” Matthews made the RNC chairman look like a fool.

Priebus claimed Mitt Romney was joking when, standing with his wife and VP running mate Paul Ryan at a campaign event in Michigan he said: “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place where both of us were born and raised.”

Leave alone the fact that Romney doesn’t see the irony of bringing up the words “birth certificate” when he’s been hiding his own tax returns, where was the joke here?

What was funny about this given the rabid display of hatred towards the president by the Birther-Nuts movement led by people like Donald Trump and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who still claim Obama’s not a citizen.

Both Trump and Arpaio, who will play prominent roles at the Republican Convention still question the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate. Arpaio who is even nuttier than Trump went as far as saying his own “investigation” revealed the certificate released by the president was a forgery.

In other words, when Obama was born on August 4, 1961 some 51 years ago, he and his mother concocted his birth place so that one day he could grow up to become eligible to run for president of the United States and defeat John McCain and become America’s first Black president. Obama’s birth announcement was even placed by his mother in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper  and published on August 13, 1961, on page B-6, by his wicked conspiring mother.

The Birther-Nuts Movement rally the most extreme racist elements in this country. They tend to simply hate the president and driven by irrational emotions, they are more likely to show up at the polls than the average voter.

That’s why it’s important for Romney and the Republican Party to keep questioning President Obama’s citizenship, especially on a tight election year such as this one. Throw the steak to pitbulls.

And while Trump,  Arpaio, and recently Cuban-born John Sununu — of “I wish this president would learn how to be an American” — had all been doing a good job playing up the race-baiting birther allegations, Romney decided to step into the manure himself in Michigan.

What’s sad about the whole debacle is that Romney, as a Mormon, should know better. To begin with, many orthodox Christians don’t believe that Mormonism is a religion, let alone Christianity. Additionally, the Mormon scripture made clear that Black people were considered to have ended up that way because they had been cursed by God.

So when Romney himself gets involved in race baiting serious journalists must take him and his representatives to task — that’s precisely what Matthews did this morning when he challenged Priebus.

The candidates must stick to debating the issues.

Bravo Chris Matthews. Hopefully other journalists will show such courage.

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