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Brazil: Man Strangled To Death By White Security Guard


AFRICANGLOBE – Another tragedy in Rio and against yet another young Black man. I will be reporting more on this later as the details have been pouring in since it happened. The short version of the story is that a security guard put a 19-year male in a choke hold after he allegedly attempted to steal something. With the young man on the ground, the security guard laid on top of him with his full body weight to immobilize him. The young man began to suffocate. Firefighters attempted to revive him with CPR and took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Brazil: Black Man Strangled To Death By Security Guard
Brazil is leading an all out war on its Black population.

Security guard Davi Ricardo Moreira was arrested for strangling and murdering Pedro Henrique Gonzaga, at a hypermarket in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio. He was released from the Homicide Office of the capital city at dawn this Friday (15). According to the Civil Police, the security guard was released after he was granted bail.

The mother of 19-year old Pedro Henrique Gonzaga, who was strangled on Thursday (14) after being put in a choke-hold by a supermarket security guard in the West Zone of Rio, is very shaken up because she was there and witnessed everything. According to the 19-year-old’s stepfather, he had mental problems and was a drug user.

Images show that the boy was totally immobilized by security and that clients of Extra supermarket in Barra da Tijuca even tried to persuade the guard to release the young man.

Security David Ricardo Moreira immobilized Pedro Henrique throughout the video, which was almost two minutes. Firefighters went to the market and tried to revive the boy. He was taken to the Hospital Municipal Lourenço Jorge, where he went into cardiac arrest and died.

The boy’s stepfather testified at the Homicide Department in Barra da Tijuca. Police will also hear Pedro Henrique’s mother.

David was arrested and will be charged with manslaughter – for which there was no intention to kill. The police chief responsible for the case explained that security guard went beyond self-defense. He also said that there are few elements that characterize intent to kill and that the guard was reckless, because he is trained for this type of approach.

Statement By Extra Supermarket

In a statement, the Extra supermarket, belonging to Grupo Pão de Açúcar, said it repudiated acts of violence in its stores and opened an internal investigation to investigate the case. Initially, according to the company, it was found that “it was a reaction to the attempt to steal the weapon of one of the security guards of the Barra da Tijuca unit.” He also informed that the security guards involved were removed.


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