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Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer…Or The Charles Manson Of Nations


AFRICANGLOBE – British crimes against humanity are so vast and numerous it is itself a task to plot the career starting point of this most criminal of nations. The British murder body count runs into hundreds of millions worldwide but here we present just the Australian segment relating to the Original inhabitants.

Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer...Or The Charles Manson Of Nations
British-Australians ‘categorized’ Indigenous Australians as part of the Fauna and Flora Act,
meaning British ‘Settlers’ could butcher Blacks with impunity as with the wildlife.

This document is part of a comprehensive attempt – Researched by the ‘Britain: Worlds worst mass murderer’ blog. The evidence is based on documented historical estimates.

British Murders: Australia


Estimated deaths: min 20,000 slaughtered plus 60,000 poisoned / disease infected … and counting. Genocide of Tasmanian tribes. An accurate murder estimate of Indigenous Australians by the British imperialists and later their ‘settler’ Anglo-Celtic spawn remains difficult to source. British invaders literally started hunting “Blacks” within days of the Botany Bay landing (1788), and up until 1970s continued through Anglo-Celtic descendants “ abo-shoots‘ and “boong bashing” across Australia. Aborigines were regarded as little more than fauna and flora or native pests to be eradicated to make way for the “fine flower of civilization”. Records therefore of massacres along with actual censuses of the Aboriginal population were near non-existent up until the middle of the 20th century. ”

The unspeakable savagery the British and their Anglo-Celtic Australian spawn unleashed upon Aboriginal Australia included the ‘sport’ of burying Aboriginal babies and children up to their necks and then kicking the heads until decapitation. Up until 1970s ( in the outback 1980s) Anglo Australian motorists could intentionally run down ‘Blacks’ drunk or sober with impunity.

Hundreds of Aborigines continue to commit suicide in jails and police lock-ups across Australia. Many of these ‘suicides’ are in fact homicides.

Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer...Or The Charles Manson Of Nations
Stolen aboriginal children being inspected
like cattle by the British-Australian establishment

Enduring criminality: Thousands of Aboriginal children ( Stolen Generations) ripped from tribes and parents in a nazi type effort to breed out aboriginality. This genocidal campaign continued up to the 1970s, consequently many 1000s of Aboriginal Australian survivors are today still traumatized. A national apology was belatedly given in 2008 by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Even this token gesture outraged many Anglo-Celtic Australians including former Prime Minister John Winston Howard who refused to endorse the apology. This moral poltroon argued ‘guilt is not hereditary‘. Aboriginal life expectancy is the world’s worst. Aborigines are disproportionally imprisoned and hospitalized. As with American and Canadian Indigenous nations, Aboriginal communities are ravaged by drugs and alcohol including solvent abuse i.e. ” petrol and glue sniffing”. Suicide among the Aboriginal communities, particularly in remote areas is epidemic. The general diet of Aborigines has been spoilt by the British invasion with the consequence many Indigenous Australians suffer renal and diabetic conditions at epidemic proportions. The sum total of these British made and or introduced blights to the Aboriginal and Torre Straits nations amount to genocide and horrific subjugation for the survivors.

Aboriginal art, icons and culture has been hijacked by the Australian Government and tourist industry which promotes white Australia to an ignorant foreign world. Gooey eyed foreign tourists pour into Australia every day utterly oblivious to the “ Great Australian Silence” or more accurately Great Anglophile Silence. This is a standard ploy of British imperialism stripping their victim nations of everything of value, including the very culture, along with the right to protest their misery. On this last point, former PM Howard is testament to this form of abuse particular to the anglophile breed. Howard in his deranged adulation for his mother country, Britain, was adamant throughout the 10 years he ruled Australia, that ‘white’ Australia had nothing to apologize for. This ‘belief’  was based on the very warped cowardly logic the unconscionable cruelties meted out to Indigenous Australia were (1) perpetrated by an older generation of Anglo-Celtic Australians (or the much preferred misnomer ‘Europeans’) and thus modern white Australia is blameless, and (2) the cruelties such as the mass abduction and racist indoctrination of Indigenous children was done with ‘good intentions’ i.e. to assimilate the “Black savages” into the fine flower of British culture. Obscene anglophile Howard to date refuses to endorse the apology – only an anglophile could behave in such a utterly contemptible manner and still retain ‘credibility’ among his peers.

Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer...Or The Charles Manson Of Nations
After murdering Aborigines, the British ‘settler’
would sell the skull to British museums

In addition to decapitating Black babies by kicking, the British colonizers took delight in shooting pregnant Aboriginal women – here’s a verbatim description by a much respected Aboriginal Elder on this unbelievable viciousness: stories from aboriginal oral histories regarding pregnant mothers hiding in trees only to be found then shot. All that could be heard was the rustle of the leaves and branches as the aborted babies fell from their mothers”

In 1956 the British in collusion with their Anglo-Celtic Australian spawn conducted nuclear weapons testing at Maralinga South Australia, poisoning the homeland and the people of the Maralinga Tjarutja ethnic group.

Much Anglophile spun literature / history on the British invasion and seizure of Australia is unsurprisingly criminally distorted, revised, concealed, minimized and diffused. A subtle and powerful semantic deception Anglo-Celtic historians and hacks persistently and increasingly employ is to substitute the words Britain or British etc with Europe or European when describing the colonization and slaughter of Indigenous Australia. This noun scam pervades most mainstream online articles, including Wikipedia pages. It is a powerful mind swindle because the replacement noun – Europe – hoodwinks the typical reader into thinking Britain’s culpability is shared with and subsumed into the generic Europe. This could not be further from the truth, especially so for Anglo Australia which constitutionally is still ruled by the British queen. As of 2010 the Prime Minister of Australia is the British immigrant Julia Gillard. Even Gillard’s political opposite Tony Abbott is British born.

Britain: The Worlds Worst Mass Murderer...Or The Charles Manson Of Nations
British managed to devastate a 50 000 year old culture
in less than 200 years

The invasion and decimation of Aboriginal Australia was and is entirely a British affair, and in spite of the self-serving garbage penned by conniving morally coward Anglo-Celtic hacks, ‘Europe’ had nothing to do with this massive and ongoing imperial crime. Another favorite misnomer is the term ‘settler’ in place of the correct noun invader or to a lesser extent coloniser. Wikipedia pages on black and white Australia, largely authored by Anglo Australians, compulsively use the sly phrases settler and settlements, Europe and European. These sneak semantics serve to perpetuate the grief and oppression of Indigenous Australia because the deception diffuses and dilutes the reality of the enormous and enduring crime of genocide inflicted by Britain and her Anglo-Celtic Australian ‘colonial’ spawn.

The upshot of Britain’s invasion of Black Australia is within a space of 200 years the British and their Anglo-Celtic spawn ‘settlers’ managed to devastate a 50,000 year old Aboriginal culture. In 2009 the conditions for many Aboriginal groups was so dreadful, Aborigines petitioned the United Nations for Refugee Status in their own country!

Enduring spoils for the British: On invading Australia in 1788 the British seized the entire continent to eventually peddle the loathsome lie of Terra NulliusEmpty Land. Thousands of Anglo-Celtic spawn continue to enrich themselves by plundering the bounty of indigenous gas and rock wealth, including diamond and gold deposits, in the Outback. Millions of ignorant and idiotic ‘foreign’ tourists continue to pour into Australia supporting the rugged Aussie Outback folklore myth, blissfully unaware of the ceaseless genocide of the Aborigines.

Australia remains the first choice ’emigrant’ destination for millions of British citizens, usually the worst of their society, including murderers and child molesters. A sickening irony of the endless swamping of British immigration into Australia is the fact many of these immigrants bring with them their racist Rhodesian beliefs to exacerbate the racist oppression of Indigenous Australia.


A “Paint Sniffing” YouTube video originally posted here has been removed by YouTube. It was posted by a mocking anglo Australian is typical of the general white Australian attitude. The racist commentary on this video represents the average British Australian spawn who persist in hating and demonizing Indigenous Australians. Search for youself: there are literally 1000s of racist YT videos posted by anglo-celtic Australians who mock and racially deride the plight of Aboriginal Australia. Only one breed of humanity could behave in such a despicable and cruel manner.


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