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British Retail Chain Sainsbury’s Show Customers ‘How To Dress Like A Slave’


British Retail Chain Sainsbury's Show Customers 'How To Dress Like A Slave'
Supermarket displays mannequin in 12 Years A Slave costume

AFRICANGLOBE – British supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has come under fire after a local store showed shoppers how to dress like a slave.

The branch embellished its DVD and Blu-ray display for Steve McQueen’s Oscar-Winning drama 12 Years A Slave with a mannequin dressed in a similar outfit to that of the main character Solomon Northup.

Perched alongside the DVDs, the dummy was draped in a loose-fitting, holey grey jumper and black cropped trousers.

Completing slave-inspired look of desperation, the mannequin had a twig in its front pocket.

The ragged clothes did not appear to be on sale; however there was a tag around the dummy’s neck showing the price of the recently-released home movie.

A picture of the display was taken and uploaded to Twitter on Monday morning (May 19) by shopper John Sargent.

He tweeted: “If you are a slave to fashion – @SainsburysPR has it covered suggest @SainsburysPR you get on to this rather quick.”

By the afternoon the picture had gone viral, leading to a swift apology by the supermarket chain.

“We can only apologise. It’s been taken down from the store. Clearly should never have gone up.”

The display has now been taken down.


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