Buckingham Palace Goes On Defensive After Secret Video Shows Royal Family Giving Nazi Salute

Nazi Queen: Home Movies Show Queen Elizabeth Performing Nazi Salute
Nazi queen

AFRICANGLOBE – The United Kingdom tabloid, The Sun has published a video from the private footage of the British royal family.

In the video the Queen and the Queen mum raise their Nazi salutes proudly for the camera.

According to the Sun:

The film shows the then Princess Elizabeth, just seven, larking about in 1933.

Egging on her sister Princess Margaret, three, is their uncle Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. He was a sympathiser towards Hitler’s Nazi Germany and became King Edward VIII.

The stunning film footage of the Queen performing a Nazi salute is today revealed by The Sun.

The astonishing clip lay hidden for eight decades. The grainy home movie is thought to have been shot in 1933 or 1934, as Hitler rose to supreme power in Germany.

Surprisingly, the release of this video has the Buckingham Palace on the defensive.

“It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner,” the palace said.

AP, Military historian James Holland told The Sun that the royals were joking.

“I don’t think there was a child in Britain in the 1930s or ’40s who has not performed a mock Nazi salute as a bit of a lark,” he was quoted as saying.

However, it is a matter of historical record that Edward VIII was, in fact, a Nazi sympathiser.

“It’s very clear Edward VIII, who became a Nazi sympathiser, in ’36 after he abdicated he headed off to Germany briefly.”

“In ’37 [to] 1939, he was talking about his sympathy for Hitler and Germany, even before his death in 1970 he was saying Hitler was not a bad man.”

“I think this is a matter of historical significance, I think this is footage that should be shown providing the context is very clear,” the Sun claims.


By: Mike Sawyer