Cain Ties Romney in New Poll, Perry Sinks to Third Place

One day, three polls, and the storyline of the Republican race seems to be Romney back in front with Herman Cain surging in a major way, and Rick Perry continuing to deal problems for his presidential campaign.

In a CBS News poll released Tuesday evening, businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney were found to be neck and neck, tying each other with 17 percent of support from Republican primary voters, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry sank to third place for the first time, garnering only 12 percent of the vote.

Following the top three candidates in that poll, conducted between Sept. 28 and Oct. 2, were Gingrich at eight percent, Paul at seven percent, Bachmann at four percent, Santorum at three percent and Huntsman at two percent.

A Quinnipiac poll was released in part earlier yesterday, testing support for a presidential bid by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who announced that he will not seek the presidency. The poll signaled that Perry might sink to third place. Conducted between Sept. 27 and Oct 3., it indicted that without Christie in the race, Romney stayed on top with 22 percent of support while Cain rose to second place with 17 percent and Perry fell to third place with only 14 percent. The full results of the Quinnipiac poll was released on Wednesday morning.

Perry has seen a decline in the polls since his poor debate performance two weeks ago, in which his controversial views on immigration arose, and after placing second at the Florida Straw Poll, which he campaigned hard for and was expected to win.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday morning showed Romney at the top of the pack with 25 percent of support, unchanged from last month’s poll. Perry was still in second place but at 16 percent, a 13 point drop since September, and is now tied with Cain, who also had 16 percent.

Cain has surged in the polls following a win at the Florida Straw Poll. He is currently on a book tour for his new tome, “This is Herman Cain!” which already sits on the Amazon Best Sellers List.