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Cat Lives Matter – The Gantt Report


Cat Lives Matter - The Gantt Report
Chase power, wealth and influence and the cat will chase you

AFRICANGLOBE – Of all of the columns that I have written over the past 30 or 40 years, the columns that get the most responses are the columns about chasing the “cat”!

Black Lives Matter but to many men, cat lives matter just as much!

If a man sees a cat he thinks he will enjoy he will court the cat, chase the cat, pay for the cat and if it is necessary, he will even eat the cat, so to speak!

Cat attractiveness, however, is in the eye of the cat chaser. Some men like a big cat and some men like a smaller, tighter cat. Some men like a wet cat while some men prefer a less wet or moist cat. Some men like a smart cat and others don’t care what the educational or intelligence level the cat has.

The best cat to have is the cat that loves and wants you. Who wants a cat that will rub up against anybody at any time? Who wants a cat that will lick you today and lick your friends and neighbors the next day?

Cats are like humans in a way. If you are the one buying kitty treats, kitty clothes, kitty milk, kitty toys and kitty trips, for example, the cat will be glad to see you and play with you.

But when the cat cash stop flowing sometimes the cat will roam just like the dogs roam that chase the cat.

In these days and times, the domestic cat is at a distinct disadvantage. More and more men have been getting a chance to evaluate that international cat. Men travel to Amsterdam to chase that “Red Light District” cat, they travel to Costa Rica to try that South and Central American cat, they travel to Aruba, St. Marten and other countries to try that Caribbean cat and so on and so forth.

That international cat comes in all colors and flavors. That international cat works hard for the money, that international cat doesn’t beg, nag or blow up emotionally and that international cat wants you to leave after the cat nap just as much as the cat chasers wants to leave the cat.

If you don’t know, the Colombian cat is the standard of cat excellence. If you don’t believe me ask the Secret Service or the CIA.

Not every cat gets chased. Some cats are too mean, some cats are too sick to chase, some cats have history and experience issues, some cats lack versatility and some cats have more baggage than the cat chasers want to deal with.

If all you are bringing to the cat bed is a cat, that is not enough. You ought to at least purr correctly or have a good conversation. You ought to at least have an energetic cat rather than a feline that just lies around expecting the chaser to create all of the magic.

And, most importantly, you ought to have a cat that can excite the Anaconda and keep the snake at attention, so to speak!

Cat Lives Matter! When there is not a good cat in a relationship, the relationship is not a good relationship!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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