Celebrating Columbus Day Is Worse Than Honoring Members Of ISIS

Celebrating Columbus Day Is Worse Than Honoring Members Of ISIS
Columbus feeding dogs with dead native Americans.

AFRICANGLOBE – The celebration of Christopher Columbus will always be a celebration of violence, rape, and slavery. At some point, America must find a way to discontinue the holiday which is named after a horrific man.

His holiday was initially sponsored by a Catholic organization that convinced President Franklin Roosevelt to sign Columbus Day into law in 1934. Columbus was given credit for “discovering” America and viewed as a hero to students who were not given the truth about his atrocious actions.

Here are several reasons why celebrating Columbus Day is worse than honoring a member of ISIS.

He enslaved thousands of peaceful people 

When arriving in the Bahamas, he wrote about the peaceful people he encountered. In turn, he seized their land for Spain, enslaved them, and forced them to work in his gold mines. Two years after his arrival, over 100,000 of the natives died from Columbus’ men inflicting brutality and disease.

He forced 9-year-old girls into prostitution 

Columbus sexually abused native women and children. He also profited from the sell of girls who were as young as 9-years-old. In a journal, he revealed how girls from the ages of 9 and 10 were in demand by his men.

He mutilated men and women who resisted his commands 

If one of the natives attempted to go against Columbus’ commands, he reacted with fierce brutality. He would cut off their nose or ear and force dogs to tear off their arms and legs. They also burned runaway slaves while they were alive to invoke fear and intimidation to the other natives.

He was arrested for his brutality against the natives

Columbus’ crimes eventually became known to the King and Queen of Spain. As a result, Columbus and two of his brothers were arrested for the crimes he committed against the natives. But due to Columbus bringing the royals gold from the mines, he was set free.

Columbus should be recognized as the first American terrorist. The destruction and death that he caused is actually worse than the crimes that have been committed by leaders of ISIS.


By: A.R. Shaw